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    sachikah01 13 January 2008

    hey boii just wanted tooh say happi bday!!!!much love and have agud day xoxoxo
    much lurve
    tarryn aka anoniimous_baybegurl

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    Jenna280 10 April 2007

    Hey there,

    I notice your profile and you seem really cool! I'm sure we have a
    bunch in common. Wanna add me as your friend?

    P.S. If you want you can visit me at my other network. I just started
    a new group, the address for it is

    Thanks Jenna280

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    dark_arts_DA 10 March 2007

    hi there, please check out the songs i wrote in my blog, especially "everything's frozen blue" n leave some comments... :) thanx...


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    MaoriFaoLife 20 October 2006

    lolz Kia Ora ... Up2 .. Hoa Of Hoani and Hori Lolz... fah 1st 1 ta write somethin... dnt i feel special lolz... chur.