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Blog / How To Use The IPhone Features

Tuesday, 10 April 2012 at 19:23

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Using a new iPhone can feel mind-boggling because there are a lot of new features that you simply don't know how to use. The first thing that you need to learn is how you can navigate it, and also the basics.

Although the iPhone is really a cell phone that is not all it can do. Therefore you should learn to be able to make use of the menu to enable you to make use of all that it does.

In this section, you’ll learn about the outward appearance of the iPhone. You may want to have your owner's manual as well as your phone in front of you as you work through this section.


• Your jack for inserting in ear buds, headphones, or the headset.

• Button that enables sleep mode as well as takes it out of sleep mode.

• A tray for a SIM card. You will see a small slit on top of the phone.


• The receiver is at the top of the iPhone, it's the small slit at the top of the phone.

• There is a camera in the main body of the phone, on the back.

• A switch that is located on the upper right-hand side that disables or enables the ringer.

• Also located on the right hand side, under the ringer button is a button for the volume of your phone.

• The touch screen, which is on the main body and is on the primary section of the phone..

• Underneath the touch screen there's a small button that's called “home” - it brings you back to the home screen when pressed.

• The top section of the touchscreen is the status bar, this is how you will use the apps as well as move from one place to another on the phone.


• On both the right and left side of the phone are the speakers that surround the microphone button.

• The microphone is between the 2 speakers.

Once you discover to use the phone, it will not seem like an issue and it'll become second nature.

When you know where all the controls are, the following thing you should do is learn to actually get around and use the phone.

The touch screen on the iPhone is like the heart, it's how you will do everything that you want to. The home page is the place you will find all your apps as well as the way you will send e-mails and make calls. If at any time you need to return to this page simply hit the button underneath the touchscreen and you will return.

It only takes a tap of the finger to maneuver from one screen to another. It will help you to play on your phone and go from screen to screen to learn where everything is. Make sure that after you are done to use a special polishing cloth to clean all of the oil and dirt that your fingers have left, off. This can keep your phone like new and working better.

Once you've perfected the basics, you can start playing games and ultizing all of your new apps. You are in for hours of fun.

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