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Hiya.. yu lookin at tasha's page.. dis bitch is a proud mix of indian, american, jamaican, portugese and irish!! Sheza brunette beauty, hazzle eyed huni and dass all yu needa no.. nuff love -xXx-


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--->Rather be HATED for who I am than LOVED for who I am not<---

ღ Just Wishing..ღ


ADD me 2 MSn If u WanT: BlesS -xXx-

DatMadeYuSmiile :) ;;_x

I have learnt 2 much all through 2006// mi life has jus changed 2 muchh... but change is menta b gd rite? I lernt dat dem 1z yu love yu gotta keep close cus it aint worth losin dem// and i guess yu only learn from doze mistakez yu reget so much... if yu got dem 1z yu love keep em close n dent let go.. :):):)

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°X*§nø¤p¥*X° ♥ [Kortion] ♥
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Twickenham [[West]] (London, City of)
United Kingdom
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naughty nurse/ pole dancer (Student)
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ay babe.. had you on freindz request init.. you got look good 2 hun :) x x x

posted by LoveOllie
24 October 2007

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