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female - 26 years, staffordshire, United Kingdom
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About me

IvE jUsT lOsT tHe MosT iMpOrTaNt ThInG iN my LifE mIsS u DiAnE.

EvRy1 TlKs aBoUt Me. I DnT cArE. whT u SaY aBoUt Me BeHiNd mY bAk Is BuLlShIt.
so TlK aBoUt Me AlL u LiKe.Im NoT aRsEd WoT u ArSeHoLeS sAy BoUt Me!
GeTs CaLlEd A sLaG,sLuT,wHoRe,BiTcH,cUnT,dI
cK,aRsEhOlE eTc.
TuRnEd 14 On 14th MaRcH
GeTs CaLlEd ChEeMo
ShE's A nIcE pErSoN iF u DnT gEt On ThE wRoNg SiDe Ov HeR!
sHe WaNt'S..
sOmEoNe WhO lOvEs HeR nD aInT jUsT uSiN hEr.
SoMeNnE wHo LoVeS hEr 4 WhO sHe Is, NoT sOmEoNe U wAnT hEr 2 Be.
To Be AbLe 2 SaY "NeVeR lEt Me Go" AnD hEaR tHe RePlY "sHuT uP I'Ll AlWaYs LoVe YoU"
gO oN bE aNoThEr BoY tO rIp My HeArT oUt!
I dArE u 2 LoVe mE!
-x-If LoVe IsNt A gAmE...tHeN y Is ThErE sO mAnY pLaYaZ-x-
FeEl FrEe To AdD mE!
:) :) :)

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kim wilson
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(20 more days)
staffordshire (Staffordshire)
United Kingdom
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pimp. (Student)
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sex.shoppin.goin the gym.
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I fancy

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happy birth day to you sweety :))

posted by handsome7512
12 March 2012

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