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Blog / Combining Form and Function with Azek Deck and Railing

Wednesday, 26 September 2012 at 03:13

Perfect for individuals who are very much worried about form and function, the Azek Deck comes in fourteen beautiful colors but all varieties are durable enough so that it can effectively resist deterioration but still look great as compared to the other kinds of decks available for sale. Azek decking can withstand extreme temperatures and climates in addition to domestic accidents of all kinds from fruit punch spills to dropped burgers. Because of the number of colors that Azek decking is available in, it’s a perfect choice no matter your house’s architectural style.

What’s more impressive about Azek deck bostoncedar.comis that it doesn't need much maintenance. Actually, it requires less than an intermittent soap-and-water cleaning to make it look new. Created using cellular PVC, Azek deck is really a “Green Approved Product” and it has a restricted lifetime warranty. Due to Azek decking’s composition it may resist the growth of molds and mildew. Moreover, Azek Deck also holds well against natural and man-made stains. Because of it being strong and dense, Azek decking is resistant to scratches which may accidentally be made during the installation in addition to from perils of everyday damage from pet claws, furniture and general traffic wear patterns. Many of these properties make Azek Deck the very best composite decking.

AZEK Porch

An ideal complement for Azek decking is Azek Premier Railing. Similar to the Azek deck, this composite railing has convincing and stylish wood-like qualities but continues to be an incredibly low-maintenance product. With regards to customizing this porch railing, cutting, drilling and screwing Azek Premier Railing is equivalent to with any wooden railing. Still environmentally sustainable such as the remaining Azek systems, this composite railing can resist rotting, cracking, blistering or peeling and holds up against moisture and insects.
AZEK building products
A classier choice for homeowners who want nothing but the finer matters in life, AZEK Reserve Railing is well-contoured along with a flat top, and measures 5 ½ inches in width with lengths as high as 16 feet. Composed of Strandex, Azek Reserve Railing is easily the most durable composite railing sold in the marketplace presently and it is sold having a 20 Year Limited Warranty. Another form of the Azek railing may be the Azek trademark railing which will come in a unique Colonial style and it is obtainable in white to suit all kinds of homes. Still made with Strandex, the Azek Trademark Railing also has a 20 Year Limited Warranty.



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