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female - 25 years, Little Rock, United States
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well muh name is kenzie and i go to J.A Fair high school!!! i like to play sports alot and stay fit!! i like to eat because food is good. im skinny but u will get used to it after awhile!! im a fun person to be around!! i like to hang out friends,talk on da phone and just do anything thats fun!! i dont do any extra curricular activities rite now but i still involved!! im currently in a relationship!!! and im just a cool person to be around so if u dont like me or dont no why u dont like me then go F yoself cuz really i gives no F***!! but anything else you want to know or must no hit da page up and will be glad to answer ur ?s or just have small talk!! TOODLES.......

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Kenzie Gamble
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Little Rock (Arkansas)
United States
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going to school (Student)
Sports,School, talkin on da phone,shoppin
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hello i saw tht it is your birthday today and i just stop by and wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! may ur day be full of love, joy,& happiness. may god continue to bless you to see many more...

posted by skitab5201
23 May 2011

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im just now gettin started on dis so still hit ya gurl up!!! dis stuff is complicated but o well............

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