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2 January 2009

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    neesha_ahmed 16 June 2009

    yeh kia tum logon ney BATTAKH BATTAKH lagai hui heyy...batakhein maarney k ilawa bhi koi kaam hey tum logon kaa?? kiun inkey peechey haath dhoo ker per gaey hoo ??

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    kamran_kashif 15 May 2009

    It was a courteous offer to u to be a part of of our team. If u dont wish to be,.........................
    Infact u can only see 2 ducks in the pic, at that day our score was around 32 comprising 2 mallerd as well.
    We almost visit all pakistan for ducks, partirdge and big game as well.
    I had MP153 synthethic ( Bought a new one) but i was sick of it. I Sold it back and went for side by side, side lock double barrell.And i am very much comfortable with it.
    MP153 was my worst experience.
    U can see well in pic the nature of arrangements we did for our three day visit, It was a wonderful shoot that day.
    Any ways nice to learn about u that u r also a hunter.
    U feel free to contact any time.
    my cell is 0321-5177190

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    freeelectron 14 May 2009

    Well, i dont want to be the part of a failing team....hahaha. btw our minimum score is 8 ducks.I use BAIKAL overunder or BAIKAL semi automatic (5+1) for duck shooting.where do u go for duck shooting?

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    kamran_kashif 13 May 2009

    haa haaa haaa
    U r Right
    We did also sent an sms to Ducks but they were committed some where else that why we scored less.
    But Next time we will take prior appointment from ducks.
    Dont worry
    U r Welcome if u wana be part of this army ............

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    freeelectron 11 May 2009

    An army of hunters...........shot down two ducks...sorry ducklets