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female - 27 years, Sleaford, United Kingdom
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Hello Dearest one

How are you today,I hope everything is well with you. Sorry to worry you about with my proposal for a relationship with you,but I know that my request will be granted in a good and understanding way,my name is miss annan,i saw …

posted by annansarahm
10 April 2012

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About me

..0.....0.. plz put this
...0....0... on ur profile
....0..0.... if u know somone
.....00..... that died from cancer
.0.........0. my heart gos out 2 u all x x x

Just got my cheek pierced!!!!!!

i am bubbley, smiley, chatty, loud, noisey, easy-goin, lovin, trustin...
n if u wanna add me, if u ask nice enuff i mite let u lol.
i love music, m8s, family, havin a general laugh.
hate bitches, dnt mind a gd bitch tho but only if the person is there n it not 2 offfencive.
i care alot.
if u dnt like ur self who else is gunna like u?
dnt b fake, that is just plain stupid.
am only nice if u r.
like a gd chat every now n gain.
i love simon bailey always n 4eva
hate males that always wanna go on cam n do shit, n 1's that dnt treat us females rite, like they should do.
treat ppl with repsect, ull get it back.
just b ur sen, thats more better then b in sutin ur not.
n the most important lesson in life is dnt …

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linzi judd
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Sleaford (Lincolnshire)
United Kingdom
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college= enigneerin, uni= understandin health (Student)
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ice-skatin, gym, having a laugh
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I've been through a lot, I'm having a break
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