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male - 60 years, Philippines

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Thursday, 22 August 2013 at 17:34

You would never setup a brick and mortar clothing store without having a large sign, mannequins in the windows, and a physical address for people to visit. Well it is the same online. You need the right signage to ensure that people surfing the Google wave will find your business. Simply, the signs here are called URLs, Titles, Descriptions, Meta Keywords and Headings. The first step for us in our small business SEO plans is to set up your signs: this is called On Page Optimization.<br /><br />Keyword Research<br /><br />However, you can only set up your signs if you know which words people are searching for in Google. Then you can explain how your product solves their problems, use the natural language of your customers. 80% of people buy things because of an immediate need in their life. As such, they come from a place of pain to resolve their inconvenience as quickly as possible. They search for particular terms as solutions to their problem. These terms are called Key Terms. They are useful in all your marketing efforts because if this is what people are searching for to resolve their problems, it is also what they will respond to in an email, newspapers, Pay Per Click, Facebook — everywhere. This is the foundation of building the Small Business SEO “house of endless relevant traffic”. We do this keyword research for all our clients using specialized tools so that you don’t start pouring concrete into the wrong foundation.<br /><br />Links as Votes<br /><br />The next stage in the Small Business SEO path is to start getting people to talk about you and give their “Vote” to you. But all votes are not created equal: if Oprah gives her vote to you, you will sell everything you have in the blink of an eye, but if Johnny down the street gives his vote to you, there is significantly less weight behind it because: who is Johnny anyways and why should we care what he has to say? A vote in the small business SEO world is just a normal internet link, if someone links to your website from theirs, Google takes this as a vote of confidence from their site to yours. The more influential sites give you a vote, the stronger your reputation and the better you chances are for appearing at the start of Google search results. This is the concrete that you pour into the foundation of keyword research. And this is all held together with the guiding boards of On page optimization.<br /><br />This is obviously a simplified version of what happens but it paints a picture of what small business SEO would look like. Content is extremely important and on average we release six new unique pieces of content every month to hundreds of high ranking Press Release websites, blogs, forums, indexes, so as to associate you with high quality content on all these sites. Of course, with your content comes your link and that link gives your site a vote.<br /><br /><br />How can SEO really work for you?<br /><br />Small business owners call us saying: “We need some SEO done”. But when we dig a little deeper, we discover that really just want to use the internet to generate more sales and increase their product's exposure.<br /><br /><a href="">Aut... Marketing</a>, <a href=" Marketing Plans</a>, <a href=" business SEO</a>


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