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Friday, 19 November 2010 at 08:36



Back Cover
iPhone 32GB, Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in China
Model No. A1241 FCC ID: BCGA1241, IC ID 579C-1241

Information from Setting
Setting/General/About: Version N32_V2, Build Time: 30-Jul-2010, 14:23

Inside the Phone (remove Battery)
Manufactured by Sciphone Inc 2010, FCC ID PY7A1052041, SciPhone Mode: i9 + + +

* * * * * * *

If you are looking for a printed Manual or User Guide, I have it in English but it does not address the type of questions you have on this Forum. Consequently, I think it necessary to give you the closest you can get to a User Manual that addresses your questions. However, consequent upon calls for more help from Forum members, I have reproduced the User Manual that came with my own phone at the end of this write-up.

It is important that you have applied Settings for the phone as necessary. For example, for Sound, check that you have applied the correct settings where required in Sound, Extra Tones, Profile, etc. Make sure that your phone is not locked to a particular Service Provider, otherwise get it unlocked first. Check with your SIM Card provider that you have GPRS active on your SIM. You may ignore the 3G requirement because I do not believe the story that this particular phone is 3G-compliant.

I am not aware that Apple has denied its connection with this phone so we take it that they are its progenitor. My expectation from its physical and Online descriptions is that this Phone is 3G with 32GB Internal Memory but the Phone Disk Memory is actually a miserly 256kb, out of which 60% was utilized to install MMS Templates, Internet Offline system, etc. There is no doubt that many people would find it hard to understand the designer’s math that 32GB is equal to about half of 256kb but that's what I observed. Accordingly, it's an outright rip-off! I believe that there is another hidden internal Memory of 1 MegaBytes (1024k:) where the operating system and Java programs are installed. Consequently, I think that the 32GB refers to Flash Disk handling capacity.

As I now understand that the original US version of the phone has different internal structural design and firmware, my advice is to use the Phone as you bought it. Yes, it has Java with some factory installed Chinese programs. If there is a way to uninstall the factory programs, I have not found it yet but the Java Manager can uninstall any programs you install. From my experience with this Chinese iPhone, I suggest that you forget about installing things in it (especially if you want to browse the Internet with it) if you cannot find very small JAR files of about 80kb total in size. Your JAR files may be recognized but may not be installed by the phone processor. It is either that the File is corrupt or there is not enough Memory. Some install but do not run. I tried to install KJV of the Bible (JAR File) but failed because the File was over 1MB in size.

Well, I have excellent news for people who want to browse the Internet with my version of the phone. On Wed 17-Nov-2010, after about a month of manipulation with the Computer, and general tinkering, I succeeded in installing Opera Mini 4.2 browser (JAR, only 140k:) and the Java Player recognized and is running it. I went to the Opera website and they identified my phone as MAUI_WAP browser and recommended that I install Opera Mini 3.2. Well, I already installed Opera Mini 4.2 that was running nicely so I’ll leave it at that. I also succeeded in installing a small Bible Dictionary and it worked fine before I removed it to conserve memory. The makers of Opera Mini deserve all the accolades they can get. They are very good and are delivering important service to humanity. They have made my day. I cannot salute and thank them enough! Of course, I am still getting connection errors, etc., but I am very satisfied with Opera’s performance.

The Java installer does not recognize the Flash Disk. It only recognizes the 256kb Disk, which it calls the Memory Card. Most other settings (Java, MMS, Internet) either do not present you with a choice and/or ignores the Flash Disk. My experience is that only the File Manager and Multimedia systems recognize and make extensive use of the Flash Disk, i.e. to process your multimedia files. The phone does not allow you to create Directories on the Root Drive, so I created them from my PC. These restrictions spell out to us that the manufacturer does not want us to install other things in the phone or browse the internet using this Chinese version of their product. This was a great disappointment for me until I succeeded in running Opera.

The Wallpaper system is volatile; changes by itself when the Phone is moved or shaken, so forget about that favourite Wallpaper that you want to see always. You can install one or two small Wallpapers, but you may get messages like "Image Already Exists" or "Memory Full". In this case, you need to hook up to something like a Laptop or PC via the USB cable to correct the problem, if you have the requisite knowledge. The Wallpapers I tried to install from my 4GB Flash were stored in a hidden Phone directory "Settings", so I went in there and deleted those Files. This solved the "Memory Full" problem. Accordingly, the size of the Wallpaper you want to install should be very small, and bear in mind that the size of whatever you install would be deducted from the about 40% of 256kb remaining, otherwise you are bound to run out of memory very quickly. Do not be surprised if your installed favourite wallpaper disappears and is replaced by the factory wallpaper.

The USB port and/or charging system is/are also unstable. You may need to jiggle the cable connection to start the USB Charger. If your Battery discharges completely, you may have problems jump-starting the USB charging system from the PC, so always shut down the Phone when you get the first Battery Low warning. When you connect to a PC, you get a prompt to connect Mass Storage or Charger. There is no COM Port or Webcam support. Thereafter, you may get a message of Bad Charger Contact. Ditto when you plug direct to electric power. The power Adapter’s (Charger) consumption rating is 100 – 240VAC 50/60Hz, so there shouldn’t be any problem with the domestic voltage anywhere on Earth. The Battery itself charges very quickly – about 30 minutes to charge fully, but don't rejoice because it also discharges as fast. A full battery discharges after about 35 minutes of Internet or continuous Screen light. I bought another Battery but the behaviour is exactly the same with the 2 that came with the Phone. The battery manufacture date is September 2010 so we are not dealing with expiration/depreciation here. The batteries of my other Phone are working well, so we are not dealing with the effects of rogue PX either. If you have difficulty charging the Battery with the phone, remove the Battery and charge with an external Universal Charger, taking care to connect the terminals correctly. To conserve battery, reduce the backlight to minimum, Screen saver time to about 20 seconds and multimedia volume by 50%.

The phone technicians in my area do not offer maintenance for Chinese phones, so be careful not to drop it on a hard surface. It is also difficult to get matching spares and accessories. For example, I once had difficulty with the USB Cable of a Chinese phone. I found many Cables that matched the port but the electrical circuits were different and generated errors that temporarily destabilized the phone. While trying one of the Cables, the phone displayed a message that the electric current supplied was excessive (dangerous msg). Accordingly, take extra care when testing Accessories that were not packaged with your phone. If you have problems thereafter, say your prayers and restore the factory settings with your Password or the default 1122.

The progenitor obviously partnered with Mediatek China to produce this phone, because even if we ignore the USB installation messages confirming same, I have successfully used PC-Sync Manager for MT6225/MT6227 hardware to read my Address Book and Messages from the phone via the Bluetooth SPP (Serial Port Service). As I have Java, I guess that mine is MT6227. There is also Bluetooth DUN (Dial-Up Networking Service) so it is possible to connect to the Internet if you have a provider that supports it in your area. For proper and stable use of a PC-Suite, you require connection via a USB Cable. This Phone does not offer a COM Port via the USB Cable so even if you find a PC-Suite designed for the phone, all you can do is to connect via Bluetooth (very unstable for Internet use). Good luck!

The Phone also has FM and (surprise!) WiFi. There is no mention of WiFi in the User Manual packaged with my phone. I’ve been to a couple of Cybercafés running ‘C’ & ‘KU’ Band systems and have WLAN connectivity for many other phones but my phone was not able to see their equipment. I understand that the phone’s WiFi uses the IEEE 802.11 protocol and requires compliant equipment to connect. If anybody knows the standard for my phone (i9+++), please let me know. Thank you.

Sciphone/Apple did a good job with the clarity and fonts of the text display but the decibel and quality of the sound output is pedestrian, and the picture/video rendition is poor compared to some Chinese clones I know. If one is looking for an adolescent multimedia toy, the phone is relatively ok. When you call a multimedia system like the iPOD, you will notice that there are some functions that are dimmed, i.e. not available to the User. These, probably, are provisions made on the Chip for future/other versions of the phone, so ignore them.

The eBook accepts TXT format Files which are usually installed into the eBook Folder of your Flash Card by the Phone system from another Directory, but you can read this eBook only with your File Manager because the Phone's Java eBook reader does not recognize the text files or its location. However, there is one factory installed Java program called “Anyview” but it is in Chinese. This is the program that runs when you tap “eBook”. You can also call it from the Java icon. Use your imagination to set the application to “English” via its settings facility. You can use the program to see one part of the phone’s hidden Disk Memories, as well as perform some other tasks not otherwise available at the user level. However, you do not need this Anyview Java if you have Computer facility running at least Windows XP. Anyway, Opera Mini 4.2 recognizes all the Drives and installs files faithfully in accordance with your specification.

My initial understanding and the main reason I bought the Phone is that the 32 GigaBytes refers to the Phone Memory so that I can browse the Internet with relative ease. I was deceived because I could not get the Memory configuration from the phone! This feature is usually available in many Chinese phones. Don't look in the phone for their Safari Mobile Browser - they did not include it (unbelievable!). Before I succeeded in installing Opera, I could browse the Internet and send/receive MMS from my installed Dual SIMs based on settings from my SIM providers but I still got the usual Out of Memory, etc. annoyances associated with China Phones. What I did eventually was to backup and delete the hidden JAVA, MMS, BRS and SETTINGS Directories to release the space taken up by those systems and get as close to 256kb as possible for my Internet browsing. It was not a solution but I had more memory than before. Note that your installations in these directories would be lost. Don’t worry about restoring the deleted hidden directories because the phone system has its factory copies and restores them from its own backup when you call functions associated with any of those directories. For this purpose, it reuses part of the Phone Memory so you may end up with less than half of the 256kb.

There was a problem saving Offline Files from the Internet as well. It started saving, and then gave an error. Obviously, there was not enough Phone storage to complete the save operation. Now I am using the Offline system of Opera to save files to my Flash Disk and it works like magic. Some MMS that you received might not open (download) due to low Memory. I tried to send an MMS from another phone but the send operation could not be completed due, probably, to insufficient Memory (storage space) in the iPhone to receive it. This is a surprising disappointment from the designers.

My experience so far is that many Chinese manufacturers or vendors do not respond to pleas for any type of support for their Phones. Consequently, if you make a mistake and cannot recover by applying the Factory Settings, you could have a sick phone in your hands.

I think that the general message from the manufacturers is to buy the original US iPhone but it is doubtful if this rough tactics would achieve part of the desired result of stimulating iPhone sales outside the US. Many of us need to follow what is happening on the Internet but we also want to do it with a gadget we can afford. In my own case, it is no secret that I have difficulty to afford the original phone for now as I am still waiting for the balance of my Final Entitlement from Mr. Nessim Gaon of Israel, so with the high level of vendor/manufacturer deception and my internet experience with this iPhone before I succeeded with the proprietary Opera Mini, I'd rather explore a phone from another Company.

Now that Opera Mini 4.2 has come to my rescue and my primary aim of buying the phone has been largely met, my angst against the designers of the phone has mellowed but others with their respective expectations are still asking questions and deserve answers.

What is the colour of the designer’s Balance Sheet? Can we find out using the China iPhone A1241 32GB default Internet resources? The answer is No! The phone could not load the homepage URL: (unsupported scripts in content/internal error). After clearing the Cache & Cookies via Internet Settings, showed me a blank page on their phone. LOL! The people that bought this phone model contributed to the designer’s current R&D capability and so deserve decent treatment of support for some years, even after product/model discontinuation. My own phone was manufactured on 30-Jul-2010, just a few months ago.

The creators of this Phone and their collaborators should think of their integrity/goodwill. Since they told us that the phone was designed in the US and just assembled in China, they agree that the phone was actually made in the US. I am not asking them to change into Bill Gates but they should not hide under any Caveat to spawn this level of corruption/deception that haunt customers like a ghost (or is this part of the Endtime Woes:). With all their scientific and marketing savvy, can they compute and tell us the actual value or effects of making huge profits from the grief of so many people?

Mediatek Taiwan is just a servant company working for Apple, as they may be instructed from time to time. It is difficult to recall all the phones sold so far, in order to add reasonable/functional memory to the hardware. Consequently, and to solve their transcendental dilemma, I am of the opinion that Apple should make available a free software Patch or firmware upgrade for this phone, to enable installation of programs on the Flash Disk (external Memory Card). They should also make their Safari Browser available for free download from their website. I believe that these are the comprehensive cost-efficient and right things to do under prevailing circumstances, and that they know and care. Or do they?

Jonathan Obikpo,

* * * * * * *


Following another prompt from, who ignored my proffered email address: but preferred to lift and use my other email address: probably from or, I am pleased to be of service as earlier offered. Below is the User Guide or Phone Manual included in the Box. I have done my best to reproduce the text as rendered in English (without editing the typos, syntax, etc., as I have discovered that these errors are sometimes deliberately generated in Chinese English Manuals), so read it and make of it what you will. It seems to me that the nebulous Website to which they refer is or (or could it be but don’t take it for granted; check it out and see for yourself. All the associated pictures have not been reproduced here.

* * * * * * *


Get Support
Technical support on network-related services, you may also download free MP3s, MP4, java programs, games and more from this website.

Learn More
To download the user’s guide, get answers to frequently asked questions.

© 2008 Sciphone inc. All rights reserved. Sciphone, the sciphone logo are trademarks of sciphone inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries, sciphone is a trademark of sciphone inc. the Bluetooth SIG, inc. And any use f such marks by sciphone inc, is under license. 052-9567-A

Technology specifications
Weight 111g
Dimensions 115mm x 60.5mm x 11.5mm
Battery: 1800mah
Stand-by time. 210-300minute display type: TFT.
QVGADisplay size: 3.2inch, 240 x 320 pixels network.

Install SIM Card
1. with the back of the phone facing you, remove the battery cover, and place the first SIM card into the bottom SIM Card slot with the gold-colored contacts facing upward.

2. If available, place the second SIM card into the top card slot with the gole-colored contacts facing down.

Install battery
Align the gold-colored contacts of the battery with the battery compartment contacts. slide the battery into the slot, gold-colored contact side first. when the contacts meet, press the battery into place. Slide and lock the back cover into place.

Power on/power off
1. Press and hold the home button for a few seconds to power on.

2. slide to unlock the screen; the phone will be in operating mode

3. press the home button to lock the screen/press the home button again to enter into standby mode.

4. press and hold the home button for a few seconds to turn off (slide to power off).

5. press the home button anytime to return to the home screen. even while you’re on a call, you can access your message, calendar or other applications.

Make a call
tap the dial button on the home screen, input the phone number and tap call button to make a call manually (sim1 and sim2) .you may also make a call in phone book or call history.

Write message
Tap the SMS button on the home screen to write a text message options, text message, MMS, chat and voice mail service. sciphone supports handwriting recognition with your finger or stylus.

More song control
1. copy your favorite Mp3 files to the mp3 folder in the memory card of your aciphone.

2. tap the multimedia button and select audio player to listen mp3 music.

3. tap the list button to check music list, and tap option button, more settings will be available.

4. rotate sciphone sideways to automatically change music files.

Video controls
1. copy you favorite video files to the video folder in the memory card of your sciphone.

2. tap the multimedia button and select video player to watch video files.

3. your sciphone supports Mp4 and 4GP video files only.

4. rotate sciphone to see the video in widescreen. tap your movie to bring up onscreen controls. tap again to hide them.

Viewing photos
1. load your favorite photos onto sciphone from your computer.

2. tap the multimedia button and select image viewer to view hpotos.

3. tap option button, more settings will be available. tap forward button. assign it to a contact.

4. when viewing photos, rotate sciphone to see the photo in widescreen. you may enlarge a photo with onscreen controls.

Take a picture
1. tap the multimedia and select camera to take a picture.

2. tap the shot icon on the bottom of the screen, and then you may save or cancel the picture you take.

3. more settings will be available if you tap option button.

Internet service
To access internet service, browse website, just tap theservice button and select WAP. please note that you must have GPRS service before using internet service. please contact your provider to make sure if you have GPRS service. and sometimes. you may need to configure youinternet service settings yourself. Please visit our website for details.

Change your setting
Tap the settings button on the home screen to turn on airplane mode when flying, change your screen brightness, ring tones or select options for each application, you can check your usage time, and even add a passcode for added security.

* * * * * * *
End of User Manual. E&OE.

Jonathan Obikpo

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