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female - 24 years, blackrock, Ireland
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    Satinlady 19 August 2007


    1 - Remove your email addy, home fone number, school/college attended from your profile page/blog, in fact any information that may give your location away, it is not just for you but your family members safety as well.

    2 - Never give this information out unless the person is totally trusted.

    3 - Do not post any unsuitable pics of yourself,

    4 - If any adult you do not know regularly visits your page, tries to chat to you about anything rude or indecent or asks for pictures, blacklist them, report them and tell your parents immediately.

    5 - Change your security settings to friends only/or private, if once you accept friends and find unsuitable information on their page in g.b. comments/blogs, or clans, cancel the friendship immediately, blacklist and report them to either myself [soozyuk] or kitty_kat26 we will then check them out and if neccessary report directly to Admin.

    6 - They may be posing as someone your own age, so be careful, people are not always as they seem.

    This isnt just for Netlog but a safe guideline for ALL social networking sites ... Adults as well may also use this advise wisely.
    I will add here that if any abuse happens away from Netlog on MSN/Yahoo they cannot be held responsible [Netlog]. It is advisable you DO NOT give your MSN/Email out in private messages on Netlog unless you fully trust someone

    We have a clan called SafeHaven for 13 - 18 yr olds if they have problems or are worried about anything at all please apply to join in the motivation its advisable to mention that you had GB message. We do check profiles before allowing anyone to join so if you are in any locked adults clans you will not be allowed membership.

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    georginaxxx 1 October 2006

    heya jodie! dis is just luk bebo in a way