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    buddemeyermichele 12 November 2009

    :) Hi JIll,
    Hope all is well.
    Can't wait to hear about everything. Thought pictures would be here, oh well, check again soon.Got some news, too.
    Later, Michele B.

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    patriciaseibel 10 November 2009

    Hey, Jill! I thought you had some pictures for me to view? Where do I find them and what the he_ _ is Netlog?
    I can't keep up with all this new stuff!!!

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    katemcgrail 10 November 2009

    Hi Jill, Hey I thought I would be able to view those pictures here. Oh well I see that no messages have been posted in english so I though I would go ahead and be the first. Next time I will use antoher language. lol.