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male - 26 years, Singapore
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    tuchihtsung8 13 August 2013

    願-- (幸福) 伴你走過的 (每一天)
    願-- (快樂) 隨你渡過了 (每一時)
    願-- (幸運) 同你走過了 (每一分)
    願-- (平安) 與你共渡過 (每一秒)
    祝福妳 生日快樂

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    haddad1954 21 June 2013


    我努力需要你的紧急助理,我与您联- 的主要优先事项是提出了一种财富,- 要立即和迅速的执行。我想提请你们- 注意,在我的身上,我有(一千万五- 万美元)的总和10500000美元。这是我- 钱我已保存为我的整个生命作为一个- 业家,叙利亚的实业家和在叙利亚石- 油公司董事会成员。我保存在我的房- 里,因为把钱存在银行的钱可能是一- 非常大的风险,在我们这样的国家在- 这次战争。许多家庭都为他们亲爱的- 活,士兵杀害平民,妇女和儿童。

    本人已获得这笔钱在一个盒子里,并- 经咨询了特使在大马士革,他们会帮- 移动我的箱子叙利亚保管和可能的投- 资。这就是为什么我需要一个可靠的- 信得过的人,谁将会收到盒子,安全- 保护它,直到我在你的到来将很快在- 激烈的。我有一个100%正品的手段,- 向您发送前的基金我过来,你将有权- 得20%的总金额。 PLS电子信箱直接回应,我不使用到这- site.Pls电子邮件直接(haddad.kassis的@的更多细节


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    johnsonkalisa 13 February 2013

    Hello My Dear,
    It is my wishes to contact you after reading across your profile,My name is Miss Kalisa Johnson,I saw your profile today and was interested in you,I will like you to send me an email to my address,( that i can tell you more about me and also send you my picture,Remember the age or distance does not matter but love matters a lot in life, Thanks yours new friend Kalisa,

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    bridefavour 7 October 2012

    Hello dear,i hope all is well with you at the moment,i am Favour by name, a female,
    I am sorry to worry you with my proposal for a serious relationship with you, and i know you will grant my request in good faith and understanding, luckily i got your email while looking for a honest and trusted partner, so i decided to contact you,
    please i will like you to reply me through my email id,[] so that it we enable me to send you my picture for you to know whom i am, and i believe we can move from there,
    hoping to hear from you soonest.
    Yours Favour.

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    ritaloveemma 25 September 2012
    Mon nom est Mlle maria Ammed j'allais à travers ce site maintenant et j'ai vu votre profil. je suis heureux avec elle, mais je ne sais pas comment vous joindre; mais s'il vous plaît envoyez-moi un e-mail à mon adresse e-mail ainsi mon email est ( pour moi de vous donner mes belles photos et de vous en dire plus sur me.I sera en attente de votre courrier aujourd'hui, pls prennent soin et ont une belle day.from Maria.

    My name is Miss maria Ammed i was going through this site now and i saw your profile. i am pleased with it;but i dont know how to reach you;but please send me an email at my email address thus my email is ( for me to give you my beautiful pictures and to tell you more about me.I will be waiting for your mail today;pls take care and have a nice day.from Maria.

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