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female - 28 years, Mill Hill, United Kingdom
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About me

I'm pretty average
I play guitar and I dye my hair a lot
I love my friends and I get bored quick
I'm loud and a bit crazy
I'm desperate to get out and explore the world
I'm not drunk, honestly... this is just the way I am

I have a boyfriend so you really don't have a chance...
Please don't ask me for my msn... I won't give it to you

More about me
jessie james
Date of birth
Mill Hill (Barnet)
United Kingdom
Native language
Ghostbuster (Student)
gymnastics, guitar, singing, fashion, aggressive skating
Love status
In love with Dave Robinson.
I fancy

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hey thanks for adding me , nice to meet you.

thanks , stewart

posted by stew206
10 August 2009

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Blog 2

hello little boys, little toys

we're the dreams you'r believing
crawling up the walls
running down your face
razor sharp
razor clean
feel the weapons sensation
on your back
with loaded guns

so hold on to me pretty baby
if you wanna fly
i'm gonna melt the fever …

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