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Blog / Explore The Best Way To Eradicate Bacterial Vaginosis Perman

Monday, 19 March 2012 at 14:22

Treating bacterial vaginosis permanently can seem impossible if you have been to your doctor for round after round of antibiotics.

Although he/she may not tell you this, your physician is well aware that conventional medical therapy does not treat bacterial vaginosis. It is seen as an 'untreatable' condition. An illness that keeps returning time and time again, in spite of all the treatment you may be taking.

Usually when your doctor gives you antibiotis for BV, he/she can do naught more than to cross their fingers and hope that it works. In over 80% of situations however, the symptoms of BV tend to come back a few weeks after a course of antibiotics, and as you continue to attempt to remedy your condition with antibacterial medications, you inadvertently make your BV more resistant, thereby limiting your chances of curing yourself.

The Reasons Why Attempting To Treat BV With Antibiotics Is The Wrong Approach

The vaginal flora is greatly upset by the use of antibacterial drugs, since these drugs don't have any way of specifically targeting just those bacteria that cause BV.

Your vagina is the perfect environment for bacterial growth - it is both warm AND moist. Without any form of protection, any vagina will quickly be overgrown with foul, smelly and harfmul bacteria - just like in BV. The protection inside your vagina is provided by your very own colony of good bacteria called lactobacilli.. When you consume or apply antimicrobial drugs, you do more than just eliminate the harmful microbes, you also almost obliterate the much-needed lactobacilli.

Wherever bacteria are ABLE to grow, they will grow. Your vagina is no exception. So when you take antibiotics, bacteria will once again, soon, re-colonise your vagina. Unfortunately it happens to be the cause that the harmful bacteria that cause BV are able to grow back much faster than the more 'timid' good bacteria. For this reason, it's quite common for women to be re-infected with BV soon after antibiotic administration. And since when you use antibiotics, only the stronger more resistant strain of bacteria is left alive, when these guys multiply and give you a second bout of BV, the infection tends to be far worse than when you had BV the first time round.

The Non-Medical Technique Works MUCH Better, Here's Why...

If you look through the internet you will come across douzens and douzens of different natural BV home remedies. When in use long term, most of these natural alternative approaches will yield little better results than antibiotics. But there are a handful of safe home remedies that work in a whole different way plus have time and time again with many-a-BV sufferer, bought a long-lasting end to the signs and symptoms of BV.

Unfortunately, even if you see a gynecologist, you are likely to be given the wrong advice and encouraged to continually use antibiotics rather than the more permanent natural solutions, since the medical profession is as always, very slow on the uptake of new trends in the treatment of a condition, no matter how effective they may be. Alternative medicine is usually far quicker to take up new methods of treatment that work. Unfortunately conventional medicine is a lot slower at doing this, due to all the red-tape involved.

The secret that makes these particular natural remedies so effective at treating bacterial vaginosis permanently, lies in their mode of action – in the way that they work. Instead of simply killing off all of the excess bacteria like antibiotics do, these natural remedies focus on changing the environment inside your vagina, back to its natural and healthy state.

Bad bacteria have a real tough time surviving in certain vaginal conditions that are bought about by working natural remedies. As a result the overgrown bacteria die away naturally and the good bacteria then thrive and serve to maintain that environment once again, ensuring that your BV does NOT return.

If you wish to find out in more detail, about all of the different natural options available to you, I highly advise you read this article BV Cures That Work.



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