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Blog / Methods To Do Away With Bacterial Vaginosis Naturally

Friday, 16 March 2012 at 11:27

If you've had bacterial vaginosis for a while, getting rid of those bacterial vaginosis symptoms can seem almost too good to be true.

Although he/she may not tell you this, your physician is well aware that conventional medical therapy does not treat bacterial vaginosis. It is seen as an 'untreatable' condition. One that responds only temporarily to pharmaceutical treatment, and is in most cases, expected to return with a vengance.

Sometimes women can get lucky, in that after their first course of antibiotics their bacterial vaginosis disappears and never comes back. In most cases however, bacterial vaginosis does come back, and since bacterial vaginosis is a condition that adapts to treatment, the more you try to treat it, the more difficult it becomes to get rid of it.

The Reasons Why Attempting To Treat BV With Antibiotics Is The Wrong Approach

Regardless of whether you take antibiotics as a pill, or use an antibiotic gel directly inside your vagina, the antibiotic will attack and destroy both bad AND good forms of microbes.

A normal healthy vagina contains lots of good bacteria called 'lactobacilli', which play a crucial role inside your vagina by releasing chemicals that kill bad bacteria. When you consume or apply antimicrobial drugs, you do more than just eliminate the harmful microbes, you also almost obliterate the much-needed lactobacilli.

After you finish your course of antibiotics, the bacteria inside your vagina inevitably grow back. Unfortunately when these bacteria grow back, the most likely scenario is that the bacteria that cause BV will win the battle over the vagina and take over, once again causing bacterial vaginosis and all the symptoms associated with it. In the experience of most women, the next bout of BV is always worse than the last, since it is the more immune bacteria that survive the attack by antibiotics and then on to recolonize the vagina.

Reasons Why The Natural Approach Is Superior

If you look through the internet you will come across douzens and douzens of different natural BV treatment options. I would say that MOST of these are just plain ineffective, especially in the long run, and some aren't even safe. There ARE however, a small number of home remedies that do actually work and have been proven in clinical trials to provide lasting and often, permanent relief from bacterial vaginosis.

The reason your doctor will never tell you about any permanent treatment for bacterial vaginosis is because natural remedies are usually frowned on by medics, as they would prefer to make profits from a pharmaceutical solution. Since pharmaceutical companies and the like are not able to benefit monetarily from proving conducting research trials that prove that these natural remedies work, there just isn't enough scientific data to satisfy the medical profession's uptake of these natural cures.

The secret that makes these particular natural remedies so effective at treating bacterial vaginosis permanently, lies in their mode of action – in the way that they work. Rather than just launching a head-on attack on the overgrown bacteria and killing the good bacteria as collateral damage, natural therapies work through the back door by slyly changing the vaginal setting to make it more harsh to the bad bacteria, so they can't survive.

Bad bacteria have a real tough time surviving in certain vaginal conditions that are bought about by working natural remedies. Bad bacteria then die and are removed from your system. Since the condition within your vagina is changed, the bad bacteria then tend not to return, leaving you symptom-free for a looong time, or in many cases - forever.

To discover all the information you need on treating bacterial vaginosis using natural remedies that bring permanent results, the following link will reveal more Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment.



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