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Blog / Pneumatic Tubes

Saturday, 1 September 2012 at 03:53

Pneumatic tubes don’t work alone. Other parts need to be contained in order to come up with a pneumatic tube system. Each area of the pneumatic tube system is designed in wherein it performs a specific function. A pneumatic tube product is robust, user friendly and sufficient within the level of safety it accords.

The main areas of the pneumatic tube system include:

Transmission components including the transfer unit and also the tubing. The transfer unit can be used to direct the path from the carriers of the system while the tubing-galvanized by couplings, steel, bends as well as other assorted fittings, improves the overall effectiveness from the distribution network.
Carriers would be the plastic containers that hold and protect the load that is carried through the pneumatic tube system. Carriers are reusable. Foam inserts may also be placed within the carriers to strengthen the cushioning.
Steel tubes are mounted inside the ceilings and also the mechanical rooms forming a travel network which can bear speeds of up to 17 miles per hour.
Blowers are large fans which move carriers by means of pressure, vacuum pressure or both in the pneumatic tube. The method depends on the load that's being carried along with the particular system adopted.

Pneumatic Tube Delivery Systems

With respect to the nature and reason for the pneumatic tube system, there might be several other parts.

The pneumatic tube system is currently utilized in banks, pharmacies, hospitals, large campuses and schools, postal service providers, and enormous factories, as you would expect.

The simple features of the pneumatic system which has led to its prominence include:

Ease of use
Saves lots of costs compared to couriers
Safe because the probability of a fire explosion (as with hydraulic tube use) is svery low
May be used when electrical power is lost because of its power storage ability



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