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Tuesday, 3 January 2012 at 23:58

Tip #1: A woman shouldn't unload her baggage on a man she's noticed that you like.

It is true that some men do tend to cower away from women that become too needy too fast. Maybe it's biological, and we naturally retreat from what pursues all of us. Maybe it's because the man wonders what's wrong with a woman who is so thankful for the slightest bit of attention. In any event, be cautious about sharing a lot so early in the relationship. Some women have the tendency for being very honest and forthright, as women are emotional creatures and enjoy talking about the recent, present and future. This can be problematic if the woman insists upon bringing her ex-boyfriends or family members into every conversation. A woman should never try so hard to be interesting to the stage that she treats her new friend just like a therapist. Instead, an attractive woman concentrates on creating or maintaining wise conversation, as well as some fun topics. Even the dumbest guys out there admire a woman with brains!

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Tip #2: A woman must see the relationship potential in a man.

This is a prevalent misunderstanding and one that is very painful to ladies stuck in a go-nowhere partnership. A woman may be consumed by a man on a gut-level, but still be unfulfilled in areas that subject. Some women are even prepared tolerate abuse because of the so-called potential they may see. A woman must learn how to recognize what a man is really as different from what he could possibly be. This attitude will help her avoiding unproductive relationships and look for the relationship she deserves.


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