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  • Campbell River

    I have been up island all week.I am enjoying this trip!!!Making awesome new friends..meeting people of a similar journey as myself..yea we so adoptees..great weather..storms..snow..and now sunshine..yea...going to repack tonight as I have lots of clothes and threw them into the suitcase but I need to properly pack..and watch tv waking early to catch the early bus back t o Van..have an interview at 4 will be cutting it'll be great though!!!I am I will :)

  • Tuesday

    I didnt go in until 3 and stayed til 420.I planned tasks for Thursday as tomorrow is a day off.I have other work to tend to in the morning.I have to head to Northshore early in the afternoon.It will be a lengthy productive trip.I will trekk home afterwards.Depending on my energy,will get groceries at an uptown trip.I had an enjoyable day today.I need to buy a heater for this cold room.To all a goodnights sleep!

  • Tuesday

    A very short afternoon.I didn't accomplish a lot but did so yesterday so it balances out.I have half a day tomorrow and am free in the afternoon. I can tend to dishes and whatnot this evening. Take care people. :)

  • The journey

    Be strong and or clear about what is necessary to improve the journey.The past 3 weeks have been emotionally draining.I am doing well though.I believe tomorrow will be a good,enjoyable day and the sun will beam!

  • Sunday

    A very long week,but it ended well.I wont do a placement until the end of January.Will do computer work til the 17.I work til the 22 and head to the Okanagan til the 28 return to work on the 29.I didnt do anything this weekend.I will only be at program half a day tomorrow.I have personal work to tend to all afternoon.It will be a good week I believe.It will be sunny tomorrow!

  • Friday

    Am headed home later this morning.Am staying with my sister inlaw.I forgot how to access Write a blog message here.Figured it out.Am glad to go home.No idea how my siblings will treat me,if they acknowledge me at all.I have plenty of extended family and friends who will be happy to visit me.It will be mixed,attending a memorial and another person just passed away.

  • Monday

    Great day,good breakfast.Missed 1 appt.just making the 2nd.No plans afterwards yet.Might be beach bound tomorrow.To us all a great day!

  • Saturday

    A light breakfast,time with friends this afternoon,pow wow tomorrow.The sun,light breeze works.

  • Sunday

    A light refreshing breeze.I have housecleaning to do for friends.A couple trekks to do via Skytrain,and using my suitcases.Enjoyed a egg and bacon on toast with one cup of coffee.I shall enjoy a task filled leisure day.It has been an enjoyable weekend.

  • Sunday

    Clean up,trekk downtown for a hamburger,check out some sales,walk about,chill and spend time visiting a friend at VGH.

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