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  • Enhancing Your SEO With Link Building

    You'll be able to improve your Google rankings if you build links the intelligent way. This has been a fact for a while now and it is even more so with the recent Google Panda update which impacted even a few high profile websites. With regards to ranking in Google link building is nothing new. In fact this method had been around even before other SEO strategies. Quality inbound links were the first "search engine" - good sites with high-quality content spread by word of mouth. Google along with other search engines count on the quality and quantity of inbound links when they select which websites to display in their results. Below are a few reasons why you have to incorporate link building as an element of your strategy if you're looking to improve your ranking in the search engines.
    The Way That Inbound Links Boost Google Rankings
    Think of the World Wide Web as a giant road map. Your website occupies a place on that map and the job of your search engine marketing strategy is to draw in visitors to your little patch of land. In that scenario, inbound links fulfill the same goal as road signs on the highway. They direct the way to your website, both for other people and for the Google spiders - the programs that crawl the web and index all the web pages they visit.
    The more links, or road signs, which direct others to your site is the more popular you appear and the better you will rank in the search engines. There are a few problems with this picture however. A great number of people take advantage of this information in an effort to increase their positions in the search engines. It's compelled the search engines to utilize algorithm to discover what the links say about your site.
    In a ideal world a lot of inboud links would mean that the information on your website has been beneficial to many visitors. Years ago the search engines decided that if people discovered your content and linked to it it must mean that there's something there that's worth reading. To ensure that the results which they offer to searchers are strongly related to their query the search engines figure out how many links to your site are about the same thing. For example if you search for scrapbooking, Google will check to see how many sites link back to your site for scrapbooking before they show the results.
    Google also includes links to your website in their calculation of Page Rank, which determines how high in the results page your website will be listed. The more relevant links pointing back to your website, the higher your page rank is likely to be - and higher page rank is obviously better.
    Clearly, link building is an important part of your quest to boost search engine rankings, but it has to be smart link building. When you include a link building campaign as an element of an overall SEO strategy to boost your rankings and visibility in Google's results, you'll improve your likelihood of an effective campaign.

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