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Blog / On Forced Feminization

Wednesday, 4 June 2008 at 01:32

The idea of feminizing a man by force is widespread and obviously holds a certain amount of fascination for some people. An internet search on subjects such as "sissy", "female superiority", or "feminization" will lead to many links that relate to this subject. I would like to examine this idea in more detail.

Stories of this type involve a woman forcing a man, usually her husband, through a process of feminization on an involuntary basis. This is often begun using blackmail and the initial evidence is something like pictures of the man wearing panties or other female clothing. This "evidence" is often obtained by tricking the man or by "catching" him dressed up.

This evidence and the threat of exposure gives the woman power over her victim. This enables her to coerce him further into feminization which is also documented, giving her ever more leverage to demand higher levels of feminization... and so on. This continues to some ultimate level such as the former man being a completely feminized transvestite, or even to the point of gender reassignment.

In these stories, a wife may do this as revenge for some misbehavior on her husband's part, such as an extra-marital affair. On occasion, the woman will team up with another person, usually an extra-marital lover, to feminize a man in order to "get him out of the way".

And then there is the "woman as good guy" scenario, where she forces the man into feminization "for his own good" or to "teach him a lesson". In this scenario, the victim is generally a man with some sort of bad attitude or behavior towards women: belittling, condescending, or abusive. He is taught his lesson by being forced into the very role upon which he formally cast derision.

A common feature of this type of story is feminization used as punishment and to humiliate the victim. A man is punished by the loss of his masculinity and being forced into humiliating femininity. In stories where the feminization is taken to the point of his being forced to become a transsexual woman, it is portrayed as the ultimate in humiliation and punishment.

Miss Barbara and Miss Carolyn (both veteran feminizers) tell me the same thing regarding forced feminization: it is very rare if it actually exists at all. Miss Carolyn says that, even if it does exist, it has no place in the legitimate female superiority movement. Furthermore, she strenuously objects to the very idea of feminization as punishment or humiliation.

The idea of feminization as punishment implies that femininity is humiliating, the further implication being that femininity is inferior to masculinity, which is exactly opposite of the view of the female superiority movement. The greatest benefit of (non-forced) feminization is that it rids males of this deeply ingrained attitude. How could this happen if femininity is viewed as humiliating? Thus, the very idea of feminization as humiliation is opposed to everything for which the female superiority movement stands.

Being a sissy in the female superiority movement is completely voluntary. True, the progress and extent of feminization is directed and controlled by the sissy's Mistress, but it should be understood that this is in no way "forced" feminization. The sissy agrees to follow her Mistress's rules and carry out all assignments and requests (with a few exceptions). She agrees to be subject to her Mistress's discipline, and to the nature of that discipline. She even agrees upon what constitutes misbehavior. There is nothing "forced" about the sissy's feminization.

So, where does the idea of forced feminization originate? Well, I must admit that it is a compelling notion. I myself have written several pieces of fiction in which forced feminization plays a large role. The idea of a woman forcefully taking control of a man and then taking away everything that makes him a man is very powerful.

I think that on some level this is something for which many men secretly long. Forced feminization may be the fantasy of socially powerful men who secretly want to be relieved of day-to-day pressures and responsibilities. It is also likely to be the wish of frustrated sissies who dream of expressing their feminine selves but cannot because of family or social reasons. There is no shortage of reasons for a man to fantasize about losing control of his life to a woman. It is very stressful to be a man in todays society.

In my opinion, most if not all of the forced feminization fantasies that are found are created by males. There may be a few forced feminization revenge fantasies created by women, but I am thinking that there are not many. Indeed, if a woman wants to feminize a male, there are many of them around that would be happy to be feminized, no force necessary!


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    jackiesissy 24 August 2008

    - Babymisty1963:
    I don't think there is forced feminization or very rare. I think alot has to do with the fact that woman always say and would like for men to be in thier shoes for a day. Like giving birth, PMS and alot of time i have to say i would be happy to let a man have mine!! I just really think it's all a persons preference in life and you do with it as you like, it's your life to live!!
    P.S And if they don't like how you live then, they can leave!!

    Thanks for the comment and the interesting perspective. Your idea that forced feminization does not happen or is very rare is supported by Misses Barbara and Carolyn who, as I mentioned, are both veteran (non-forced) feminizers. However, it is interesting that soon after I posted this essay, I received a message from a woman who told me that she wished that she could force-feminize her husband because she thought he "needed the lesson". Sounds like your day-in-their-shoes idea, huh? I told her to Google the term and maybe it would give her some ideas. I have not heard back from her but who knows, some poor (lucky!) guy may be getting in touch with, or developing, his/her feminine side right now! I sure hope so...

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    jackiesissy 9 August 2008

    - owlwmn:
    Hi Jackie,

    Thank you for taking the risk of putting this information out. Yes, there are people out there that are abusive or think their point of view is the only one. I can see that even though you are feminized, you are no less a man. I am honored to know you.


    Thanks Miss Teressa! But, " less a man"? Hehehe... Thanks for the sentiment and the honor is all mine.

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    owlwmn 7 August 2008

    Hi Jackie,

    Thank you for taking the risk of putting this information out. Yes, there are people out there that are abusive or think their point of view is the only one. I can see that even though you are feminized, you are no less a man. I am honored to know you.


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    jackiesissy 4 August 2008

    - womangirl3:
    If a person responds violantly to this type of information his maleness might have been threatened. Like in the case of guys beating up on a gay man. Personally I love to play all kinds of games and this could be very stimulating! So why not? Live and let live --- and respect others and ther preferences --- is my motto.
    We would live in a colorless world if we were all alike, wouldn't we?
    I find human behavior very fascinating and am always ready to learn.
    Thank you for sharing!

    Miss Gea really rocks, doesn't she? Hehe... Hi Miss Gea, thanks for the nice comment. Your motto is terrific and it would be great if more people followed it. And really, I have been impressed at Netlog, all this time and only a few negative comments, and only a couple of outright abusive ones. Mostly, people are really nice. Hope is alive...

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    jackiesissy 8 June 2008

    - Indianaprincess:
    good blog I learned some things I didn't know before ty for sharing

    Thanks for commenting. I am so thrilled to hear you say so! I was nervous about posting because I think the subject can be uncomfortable for some people. So far the comments have been so nice. Except for the one by... well, this one guy. I don't mind criticism, but his comment was so profane and abusive that I had to delete it. Thanks again!

  • 49

    jackiesissy 8 June 2008

    - Sir_Neal:
    Thanks for that. I never even considered that feminization of a male would be in any way directed by a woman, vountary or not. Figured it was only the individual males preference.

    Thanks for the comment. I am so glad that you liked my little essay. I get asked about forced feminization stories and if I am forced to be a sissy fairly often. I thought this essay might be a good way to clear it up.

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