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Blog / The Adventures of Barbie and Ken - Part 3

Monday, 31 December 2007 at 21:25

The Adventures of Barbie and Ken - Ken Gets Even with G.I. Joe (Part 3)
--------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------

The next day when Barbie and Ken reanimate, they are not alone. G.I. Joe and Big Jim are with them and they are all on the Barbie Dream House patio. They are all, except Joe, seated around the table.

Joe is livid. "A tea party! A tea party! Look at this!" Joe is dressed in a formal serving dress from Malibu Stacy's "Belle of the Ball" play set. "And I'm not anatomically correct anymore! I can tell without even looking!"

Barbie tries to hide her giggles and Ken just laughs out loud. Big Jim says, "Oh Joe, you look so cute! You just -have- to lose the beard though."

"Shut up Jim! Nobody asked you anything!"

"Oh! And look at this!" Big Jim stands up and twirls around. The prom dress that he is wearing from the "Malibu Stacy High School Prom" play set swirls all about him. "Isn't it gorgeous? Now I feel like Big Kimberly. No more Big Jim!"

"A tea party!" Joe repeats. "And did you see Timmy, dressed in his sister's party dress? Susie called it 'playing sisters'! And she called him 'Tina'! What the hell is wrong with that girl?"

Barbie says, "She found your stupid tank rocket in the living room of my Dream House you idiot! She got all mad, saying how she told Timmy to stay out of her room. She decided to teach him a lesson!"

"I checked when I dropped you off yesterday! I didn't see the rocket anywhere, how did it all of a sudden show up in the living room?"

"Well, you must have missed it because I saw when little Susie found it. It was right in the middle of the floor."

Ken just smiles secretly to himself.

"Well, you can't be G. I. 'Joe' anymore, not dressed like that," Barbie says, "What should we call you now?"

"G.I. Joe! I am still Joe!"

"How about 'Shirley'? I think he would be a good Shirley," Big Jim contributes.

"Shut up Jim! And stop calling me Shirley!"

"Its Kimberly now! Or maybe Big Kim! But I don't like the 'Big' part. Or does this dress make me look fat?" Big Jim twists around, trying to get a look at his behind in the prom dress.

G. I. Joe groans in anger and frustration.

"Well, it is up to me to give you a girl-doll name then," Barbie says. "I am thinking... Joni. That's it, G.I. Joni!"

"No, Barbie! Its me, Joe! C'mon! Remember yesterday? Our ride in the tank? Remember playing with my big gun?"

"Well now Joe, er, Joni I mean, I'm afraid you have been, shall we say, disarmed. No more big gun!"

Ken has sneaked up behind G.I. Joe. He pulls Joe's dress up, exposing frilly panties, and exclaims, "Nope! No big gun here! Hahaha!"

Barbie, Big Jim and Ken all have a good laugh at Joe's predicament.

"Leave me alone you sissy-girl doll! I swear I'll... I'll..."

"You'll what... 'Joni'," Ken says.

"I'll just..." and Joe bursts into tears and flees to the inside of the Dream House.

"Oh, poor Joe. I'll go talk to him... I mean her! Hahaha!" Barbie says. "Besides, I'll need 'Joni' to serve by the pool today. After all, she is in the server's dress!"

Barbie goes inside leaving Ken and Big Jim alone on the patio.
--------------------------------------------------- --------------------------


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  • 49

    jackiesissy 7 January 2008

    - onefatkangaroo:
    I love these...I am just all a quiver, with "antici.....pation" LOL glad u got the Rocky Horror Picture Show reference..of course you did, what was I thinking? LOL...

    Love Rocky Horror! Grad you are enjoying the story. Part 4 is published now. Have fun!

  • 49

    jackiesissy 7 January 2008

    - champion723:

    Thanks so much! I published part 4 yesterday. I hope you enjoy it.

  • 52

    champion723 3 January 2008


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