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Blog / Private Golf Lessons Versus Group Lessons

Tuesday, 21 May 2013 at 13:41

The primary difference is that tennis elbow impacts the outside of the upper arm, while golfer’s elbow impacts the inner arm. While there is no specific way to avoid these injuries they are most often caused by suddenly playing a lot. For example, if you typically play a single game a month then suddenly entered into a very long tournament you could potentially be at risk for developing either tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow.

As can be expected shoulder injuries also top the list of major problems for golfers. You can just imagine the pressure that is put on the shoulders as you are swinging the clubs continuously. Take a body that is tired or worn out in the least and you have a prime recipe for an injury. To avoid this you need to ensure that you are warming up your shoulder muscles as much as possible before a game and work hard to ensure that you are taking proper care of your body.

One other problem that tends to occur a lot is carpal tunnel syndrome. This happens primarily due to repetition stress. For example, if you play numerous games of golf in a row for several months straight you could be looking at a potential injury in progress. The results of the injury can be quite serious at times, but if you are careful and catch it early typically just a brace will solve your problems. However, serious cases of carpel tunnel can cause you to be incapacitated or even require surgery in order to use your hands appropriately. The problem is that carpel tunnel syndrome can often give no serious signs until it appears and causes problems. Always ensure that you wear a wrist brace if you start to notice that you are having serious wrist pain.

Explanation of Popular Golf Terms

There are numerous golf terms that are used in almost every game that is played, yet often it is virtually impossible for someone who is new to golf or just does not understand golf to understand the terminology. Some of the most popular terms are listed below to ensure that you know exactly what is being said while you are out on the green. Of course, this list is not absolute, but this list will help you get started successfully.

Back Nine - This is the last set of 9 holes that are on the golf course. This is determined by the order that the course is played in. For example, if you start playing on hole 1, the back nine would refer to holes 10-18. However if you started playing on the 10th hole it would actually refer to holes 1-9.

Birdie - This is when a score for a particular hole comes in one stroke below par for the particular hole that is being played. This means if the hole being played is a par -3 then the score must be a 2, if the hole is a par -5 it must be a score of 4.

Bogey - This is a score that comes in a single point over the par. If you feel like splurging, hire a pro who can add a professional touch to your style statement

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