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  • Features of JSP

    It uses a java programming language based scripting language and JSP are produced into java servelets the very first time they are invoked. JSP pages may call JavaBeans, EJB components, RMI objects, DBC objects to perform processing on the server. Example JSP page may contain HTML that display static text message and graphics, as well as a method call to JDBC item that access database, when the page is displayed in the user's browser.

    Features of JSP

    JSP technological know-how follows the write as soon as run anywhere rule that's the basic of the java language>
    <br> JSP uses 100 % pure java and takes the advantage of its object oriented character.
    <br> JSP uses a combination of tags and scripting to create dynamic web pages.
    <br> The JSP page uses that components like EJB, JavaBeans which can be reusable. This gives the JSP reusability capabilities.

    Applications made using JSP technology are easier to maintain.
    ASP hosting is a server-side scripting environment which uses the Active Server Internet pages (ASP) technology. It is designed for dynamic web pages and applications, offering a vast array of functionalities for web developers. ASP hosting is normally hosted for a Windows server, typically a great NT server, and can be fully integrated into an Internet Information Server (IIS) or even PWS. The concept of ASP is equivalent to scripts such as Espresso Server Pages (JSP) and CGI that enables web pages to cooperate with databases and programs inside web server. An ASP web page is easily identifiable along with the. asp extension on your URL.

    OR NET hosting works in similar way as other server-side scripting technological know-how. When your web browser sends its request on the web server, the web server will call ASP which would process the requested report. It would run every script commands and successively sends the requested web page back to the browser. Hence, it is the server who runs all the requests and sends the requested HTML pages returning to the browser.

    ASP hosting provides a platform for web developers to explore their own creativity and design customized web solutions. Web developers would be able to tap on Microsoft's coding technologies and design internet pages with powerful features. ASP hosting is also considered as an attractive hosting solution along with the availability of free video tutorials on the Microsoft web site. This is extremely useful designed for beginners as they can learn the basic skills of working using ASP technologies.

    It is also possible for ASP hosting to remain run on non-windows operating systems such as UNIX. Will you require a scripting terminology? (Simple web pages might not need scripts to develop dynamic content) The one that?

    OR NET (Active Server Internet pages)

    ASP. World-wide-web



    JSP (Java Server Pages)


    For those who have your answers to just about every question, based on your needs for your web site, you can be fully armed to select the best hosting service it is possible to afford.

    hosting dfWhen building a web site or web application that's driven by tiny because Java specifications like JSP, Servlets, JSF you will likely also be looking for a host that specializes in JSP Hosting.