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Blog / being polite is a nusance at times

Friday, 6 August 2010 at 14:01

Looking at some situations, that interractively are made of pure annoyance at times, especially when someone keeps calling when you are busy in a meeting, having a quiet time with family or plain just not in the mood of being bothered...courtesy is to try and inform of ones reason as to why you are not able to get back to them, but my patience runs out when there are calls on redial and you get ten of them in five minutes.

when I say ill call you I will, if I say call me in an hour please bear courtesy to keep it to an hour...but the nuisance of being a sales person bothering someone is distasteful and in the wrong light.

have courtesy, the networks are free but ones patience isnt.

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    greg_darkchild 7 August 2010 happens man, but lets face it. probably this guys just care too much about you and are just checking on you to make sure you are ok. i mean you it goes that if you never try then you'll never know...just give them a chance you know.

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