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Well .....ME JUST A DREAMER !! ....still exploring myself!! enjoy each moment of my life... .Engineer by profession, , Passionate about Arabic music, perfume... By travelling from Bollywood to Hollywood . I need to know about the world, people around the world, about their dreams, passion, love, love and only love........ and music. Beleave in Simplicity leterary-----------------irfan.it@hotmail.com- ..hope like after this .

Since I am planning to perform some innovative task this year, I sincerely ask friends and family members for forgiveness. May Allah help us all to stay obediant servants of Allah and to stay on the right path. This life is too short to contaminate our soul with haram actions.I should say I try to be honest, what you see is what you get.This sometimes may offend people or may leave the impression that I am not emotional. I really do not like to show my emotions,unless I feel comfortable, and that is my weakest point. I blame it on genetics!! I strongly dislike …

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۞ஜ♥iRfAn♥๑- ๑۩۞ ♥hAzArD♥ஜஜ- tO๑ஜ♥Uஜஜ- ۩۞۩๑.™
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Love Bikes, loves loving,, .ALL about Wasting time thats it....
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here comes the future of u and ur chidrens $ …

Three years ago we were talking about the idea of the digital lifestyle. That your music, your photos, your TV, your communications would all be very different. And over these last three years I'd say that's really coming into the mainstream. …

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