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  • Fifth Inwelle Study and Resource Centre Annual Symposium

    5th Inwelle Centre Annual Symposium
    Call For Presenters and Invitation To Attend

    Every year, Inwelle Study and Resource Centre, Enugu holds a symposium to mark the end of its project year. These symposia are designed to create awareness for parents and the entire community by selecting themes aimed at sensitizing parents to the potentials of the girls to engage in any field or skill for which they have aptitude and not be circumscribed by society’s prescription of suitability and unsuitability of certain professions or skill. Our trainees are given their certificates on this day as well.
    Indigent Girls are more intimidated by societal pressures to remain within the confines of traditional prescriptions of acceptability. They are more easily cowed by the power of technology. Therefore, their areas of skills acquisition tend to gravitate towards hair dressing, petty trading, sewing etc., skills that keep them circumscribed and yield minimum income for subsistent living. Hence the twenty-first century and its focus on the endless possibilities of computer skills acquisition is leaving the females behind while the males in our area are venturing faster into the computer skill business.
    It is against this backdrop that we call for presenters and invite the public to attend our Fifth Annual Symposium.
    Theme: Girls In Science And Technology And National Development
    Sub Themes: The Impediments to Girls Embracing Life in Computer Technology Field
    The Place of Girls in the Field of Science and Technology
    Date: December 22, 2011
    Time: 9a.m. - 12noon
    Venue: Inwelle Study and Resource Centre, Enugu, 5 Inwelle Avenue, Amorji Nike Enugu, near Nike Lake Hotel Enugu.
    Ph:08037519965; email:; Web: