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I am a person with Loads of dreamzzzz and want to fullfill my all dreams ,I am here to know about people from different States and the culture they live in ,we always think that we are just here for Fun thats it but apart from Fun we can use this Platform for various other uses ,we can make good frnds ,possibly who can help us in guiding us to make our carrier....Its not just Ltd to Flirt or to waste our time which I think would never come back in our life.
I love to Dance a lot its my biggest passion i ever had.
Finally if you think I can be a good frnd ur most welcome and if not then pls cont...on the track you are moving on..
It may sound funny for lots of people but try and later or sooner you will definatly realize it.
Thankyou...& all the very best to Evryone for their life.

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Dancing,dancing and dancing....its my passion and can't live without dance...
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yes sure,we ca e frendz...i wuld like to call u smtym..can u send ur nmbr across.u can email it to me @ vijayyads@yahoo.com

posted by intensiveman
30 December 2011

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