desmond .'s interview

About me

jus chillin wid my bredwins goin out wen its gud neway jus normal tings enit. trainin up my dog n chillin wid family only wen neccesary doethas jus me lol if u wanna no mur jus add my msn holla

  • Sports
  • Television
  • Friends
  • Music
I live
With (one of) my parents
Colour of your hair
Colour of your eyes
Do you have children?
I'm looking for
  • Friendship
  • Love
  • Friends to go out with
Favourite cities abroad
  • Barcelona
  • Madrid
  • Milan
  • Malaga
Favourite gaming type
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Sports
  • Racing
  • Strategy
  • Shoot'em up
Gaming Console
  • PSP
  • Playstation 3
  • Wii
  • XBOX 360
Only in company
Tobacco brand (if smoker)
Benson & Hedges
Do you drink a lot of alcohol?
i dnt drink often but wen i do u can say tht
Favourite beer brand
  • I don't drink beer!!
Favourite non alcoholic drink
Clothing style
  • Casual
  • Classy
  • Street
  • Jeans
  • Sporty
Favourite clothing brand
What are you wearing now?
dungarees adicolors n n a yellow t-shirt
Car interests
  • Oldtimers
  • CoupĂ©
  • Fast cars
  • Tuning
  • Car Audio
  • Car Gadgets
  • Rally
Favourite car brand
Mobile brand
Favourite newspaper
The Sun
Music style
  • Rap
  • HipHop
  • Underground
  • Vocal Dance
  • Breakbeat
What kind of movies do you like?
  • Horror
  • True story
  • Comedy
  • Romantic movies
  • Thriller
  • Action
  • Mystery
  • Kungfu/Martial Arts
  • Underground movies
Favourite TV channel
  • MTV
  • Animal Planet
At what time do you go to bed?
wateva time i want ima big boi now haha
What do you hate?
wen people say wat if
The most irritating question
The coolest person you've met this year?
What do you think is romantic?
Do you have friends that are living abroad?
What do you do when you are bored?
wateva i feel