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alrite everyone, my name is shaun and i am 19 years of age but yeah i drive a mini and i am a bricklayer i have a big cash flow but dont know wat to spend most of my money on :) and i live in a nice town called soham its the best place, i am a proper sohamite to the core and all my mates are leg ends.i am a outgoing and active and can have a laugh with anyone message me if u wan to know more bout me :)

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Hi, i`m Marita and ur profile looks quite charming... I`m not originally from this area, but settled here only a short while ago and therefore I don`t know anyone, as of yet... Maybe u would like 2 tell me something about the nightlife around here? …

posted by mercedesreed
25 May 2013

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poem from the heart

i stand here waiting for someone to save me,
From my own destiny which i carry within in my heart,
Time keeps on goin to a point i can not stop,
A love rose may wish me to return in peace,
but i would come back ravaged from my own self …

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