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Blog / Are You Currently Making Plans For Having A Getaway Wedding

Saturday, 24 November 2012 at 15:27

Planning your wedding day isn't so easy in any way. This is often particularly true if you are looking to have hundreds of guests. Attending. The point is that, it isn't the ceremony that might cause you troubles, but the preparations.

You have to realize that should you be the bride-to-be, your main concern is not just all about the wedding dress. There remain a lot of things that you have to consider such as the wedding destination.

Where To Stay

One of the most important things that you need to think about when planning for your wedding location is the guest's accommodation. This is very important especially if you're bringing guests from distant locations. It'll be important to ensure that they'll have a place to stay over the duration of the festivities. As the wedding's host, you may elect to offer them with free accommodation or you could ask them to pay themselves.

The hotel guest accommodation will significantly eat into a large slice of the wedding budget. Therefore, it makes sense to look at this ahead of time. If you decide to provide free accommodation to the guests, it would help to verify accurate attendance numbers. This will help you figure out the exact number of people that require accommodation.

The Venue

After the wedding ceremony has finished it is expected the wedding reception follows. In the event that you have a hundred wedding guests, then it will be vital that you have an organized venue for the event. First, you need to see to it the venue is large enough to support your guests. A hundred guests will undoubtedly fit in the function room of a decent hotel. It could be possible to have the wedding party at the same place where you've housed your guests. This will actually save you money and time. The truth is, the majority of hotels can offer you decent discounts by doing this.

There are hotels that may offer reduced rates for particular wedding events. For instance, they might provide you with 30% discount for the room bookings if you use their function hall for your reception. Other perks can be supplied such as the best suite for the newly weds.

And, holding the wedding party in the same place where you have booked your guests will also be extremely handy for them.

There's little question that planning a destination wedding is a real challenge. But it can also be enjoyable if you understand all the areas to consider so you can make the event an unforgettable one for your friends and relatives.



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