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Wednesday, 3 August 2011 at 20:23

Isn't that wonderful? Now, would you just watch while others are having fun with their own Kindle? Why don't you provide the same fun for yourself or for someone?

Learn the benefits of owning a kindle versus using your PC to read your favorite books.Learn the advantages and disadvantages of using Amazon Kindle.Finally i will tell you where to buy Kindle reader in case you are convinced to buy one.
There are certain subtle differences between using a PC or a laptop and using a Kindle for book reading.Let me tell you 4 important differences here.
1.Laptop is very heavy compared to Kindle.Kindle is just 10.5 ounces.This shows that Laptop would be too difficult and cumbersome to carry around when you are traveling.Using a PC would allow you to read your books only in a fixed place where the PC is placed, restricting your book reading to a particular place in your house or your office.On the other hand Kindle being just 10.5 ounces can be carried around easily anywhere making it highly portable.You get good Kindle covers too to cover your Kindle.
2.Using laptop or PC for book reading sometimes requires access to wireless hotspots which connect your laptop or PC to internet for downloading of books.But,thats not the case with Kindle.It comes with access to whispernet technology which is free when you buy a Kindle and that allows you to buy and download books anywhere in the world and at anytime.You can download books for free like classics like Sherlock Holmes,Prejudice from public domain of Kindle store
3.You will not have the advantage of buying books at very less price like 9$ for New York bestsellers and just 2$-3$ for newspaper subscriptions.With Kindle you have this benefit of buying at such low prices directly from Kindle store and you will have access to different blogs and magazines belonging to diverse fields such as business,entertainment,sports,technology from different countries of the world.
4.Kindle DX has read to me feature which will read the blogs and books out loud for you without you reading the book yourself.This is a real cool feature on both Amazon Kindle 2 and Kindle DX which you miss on your laptop or PC.
There is one disadvantage to buying Kindle which is not worthy of mentioning compared to its wide variety of benefits,some of which were not mentioned above but,for the sake of the review let me do it here. If you have been wondering where to buy Amazon Kindle reader I will also tell you where to buy Kindle reader for best price.
1.The Kindle sold currently in the market is Kindle 2 which is the second generation of Kindle launched after the success of Kindle 1.It is high in price at259$ and Kindle DX at 489$.Kindle DX is much higher in price compared to Kindle 2 because it is larger in size with bigger display area and comes with automatic rotating display.If you are the type who likes to read from a bigger page you can go for Kindle DX.Otherwise Kindle 2 has all the features required for comfortable and enjoyable reading.For the benefits you would be getting in the long run using your Kindle the initial investment will pay for itself.You can buy Kindle from Amazon at best,lowest prices for new and used ones.Amazon is the only place offering you at such low prices since Kindle is the invention of Amazon.Amazon also offers free shipping in the US for products priced at more than 25$.So,in that case you would be saving on your shipping charges when you buy Amazon Kindle from them.I suggest you do not buy from other places which offer Kindle at unbelievable low prices because either the quality of Kindle is compromised(not original) or its not in good working condition.
Amazon Kindle has everything for ocassional or avid readers to make their reading experience easy,fun,and satisfactory and like never before.

Everyone has experienced an incredible change of reading experience since Kindle was introduced. Its benefits and other wonderful things are shown in various ways and can also be attested by different sources. When you buy your own Kindle 2, you'll surely get to experience the same thing too. However, if doubts on this device and its benefits are still troubling you, try to save time and read reviews for Kindles online to have at least an idea of what others have been through because of this device. Kindle reviews will tell you more about the ups and downs of Kindle. They do not just provide you all the beautiful words regarding this device, but also disclose its downsides. Some of the reviews will comment on its appearance; others will talk about its use of E lnk technology and the buttons and scroll that are available on this gadget. Though its downsides are presented on its reviews, it is still very obvious that majority were convinced about the great change that this device can bring.,,



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