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Born and bred in Verwoerdburg (now known as Centurion) Having the great privilege of visiting my grandparents farm frequently between Ottosdal and Delareyville in the western Transvaal. Grandpa farmed with cattle, sheep and maize; and Grandma with chickens, turkeys and vegies. So, though I actually lived in the city I also had the privilege to grew up in a farming world as well!! :)
In standard six (grade 8 ) I received a trophy for perseverance. In primary school I built my own mini amplifier from a kit with a little bit of advise from my father, but on the end it turned out that electronics wasn’t my main interest. I have also designed and built a hydroponic system with wooden trenches to grow vegetables or cut-flowers. Another achievement was a fishpond I dug and build myself – the filtration system was also one of my own designs. My religion is Christian, Protestant; and having a combo of liberal and conservative outlook in life… Politics? No Thank …

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Hendrik Goote
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Centurion (Gauteng)
South Africa
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