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About me

I am 48 1/2 years old and am a nurse and have worked with this in 23 years. I have both worked at the hospital, in home care and in specialized centers. Now I work at the control center and emergency phone, when we receive calls from any citizen in the entire Capital Region of Denmark.
I am married to my husband Torben (50 years old) and now we have been married for 22 yeard. We have 3 boys (triplets) soon 19 years old and I love my family.
We live in a townhouse in Farum (20 km north from Copenhagen).

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Helle Fuchs
Date of birth

Native language
Region Hovedstaden.
Nurse (Labourer)
Looking for
  • Friendship
Trip in nature,
Love status
Married to Torben

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You and I

You appear and my heart beats faster,
You look at me and I blush,
You smile at me and I melt,
You talk to me and I can hardly breathe,
You touch me and everything around me fades,
You kiss me and I feel I could fly,
You hold me and I know that …

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Hello to all of you, how looks in on my profile!
Wish you all a good day and that you find your way in life like I found mine. :) :) :) :) :)

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