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  • Get a New Harley Davidson Air Cleaner for More Power

    Get a New Harley Air Cleaner for More Power

    Harley Davidson bikes do not have a lot of power built into them. You might start to wonder how to add in more power without having to break your wallet.

    Fortunately, there is an easy method that will give a significant boost and at the same time adding that customized look – changing your Harley Davidson Air Cleaner.

    You might think that it is the dumbest solution you’ve ever heard. How does changing the air cleaner do anything other than cleaning the air?

    Let me explain.

    You move your Harley Davidson by burning fuel. You obviously can’t move without fuel. Fuel needs Oxygen and a spark to ignite to move your Harley Davidson. But the whole process of sending clean air to your Harley Davidson is important and the Harley Davidson Air Cleaner is part of this complex and crucial system. If I were to compare the Harley Davidson Air Cleaner to a body system, then I would say it’s like your lungs.

    Fuel burns the best when the air is clean. If the air is dirty with dirt or dusts, then the fuel will not be able to fully burn and also produce more residues. This will cause your Harley Davidson to move slower and the dirty residue will cause damage to piston.

    The Harley Davidson Air Cleaner will make sure that the air passes through it is properly filtered. The stock Harley Davidson Air Cleaner doesn’t really do a great job at filtering air. It’s not bad, but your Harley deserves so much better. By supplying clean filtered air through the Harley Davidson Air Cleaner, you will be able to reach maximum fuel burning, thus producing more power.

    Another problem with the stock Harley Davidson Air Cleaner is that they allow too little air in. You need a proper amount of air inside to fully burn your fuel.

    Imagine this as taking small breaths slowly because your air passage way is blocked. You will not have enough oxygen intakes to do any exercise or heavy duty work. The same applies to the Harley Davidson Air Cleaner. The more air intakes it allows, the better your fuel will burn.

    You do not have to decide which new Harley Air Cleaner you should pick because any of specialize Air Cleaner will outperform the stock that came with your Harley Davidson. You just need to spend time looking through them because of their different designs, brands and prices.