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Friday, 26 October 2012 at 03:37

PDF Editor for Mac: Fun and Easy
You can easily edit PDF files using Mac PDF Editor. There are many procedures on a Mac PDF editor to view and edit PDF files. In Mac the editing of a PDF file is a very fast process and it can be done only by clicking some buttons. Basically a PDF editor has few features starting from simple form-filling ability to complete manipulation of PDF file. After reading this article you will get to know what the best pdf editor Mac has brought to platter for those looking for fantastic editor software. A PDF editor is said to be good if it includes several excellent features and gives faster performance.

Some key features a good PDF editor should have are the followings:
• Addition and edit of images into PDF file
• Addition and edit of hyperlinks in PDF file
• Super fast performance
• Super fast search
• View and edit metadata
• Insert new pages
• Annotate and highlight
• Fill out forms digitally
• Sign PDF files using webcam
• Supports free software update

All of these features are available in Mac PDF editor. The preview ability of Mac PDF editor is especially impressive. Besides, the excellent highlighting and annotating features in Mac PDF editors are also really good. The ability to digitally fill out forms in a PDF file is pretty impressive. There is another awesome feature where you can sign on a paper, hold the paper up to computer's webcam, a high-quality signature will appear and you can place the signature in any form which needs your signature. It is a really strange feature because there is no facility to sign using a track pad as well. Multiple signatures can be saved at a time so there is no need to repeat this procedure. Thus, you can easily finish your editing work and give it a good appearance using Mac.


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