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Blog / Top 3 Lesbian Dating Tips for You Two to Consider Before You

Wednesday, 7 November 2012 at 19:47

Fill your trunk with all sorts of naughty costumes, for example naughty nurse getups, Hugh and his playboy bunny, pirate and wench, damsel and her virgin knight in shining armor. The possibilities are endless.

Be sure to build up the suspense over the week so you can surely have something to revel in on the weekend. Don't be afraid to let go of your inhibitions and get silly!

I recently spoke with a guy who claims that finding love is too hard, and with a *sigh*, he said, "I'll have to resort to escorts. " Now, he was joking about the escort, but still....that is an example of what some gay men are experiencing when it comes to falling in love - and I think sometimes it takes extreme change and awareness to finally get to the point where settling isn't a choice anymore.

Personally, I believe you know. You know what your options are. I really think you believe in the fairytale ending too, but somewhere along the trip you've squashed the dream way down underneath all your pain. Sometimes you even get a glimpse of what it might look like being with a wonderful man, expressing your love, in a committed monogamous relationship, right?

Why do we settle? Well, my idea is, you settle, because you view yourself as not being good enough. Your self-esteem is low and you'll do whatever it takes to seek the love that you desire. Now, think about this. What if I said that your self-esteem is actually very strong and all you need to do is look within and tap into that resource? I know, I'm starting to sound all woo-woo, but my point is, finding love with another person starts when you find love with in yourself.

<blockquote>"Would you do whatever it took to seek the love within yourself - that love which you desire from another?" - GH</blockquote>

Another theory I have, is when you settle, you're working so hard at seeking acceptance from another person, that you will do almost anything to attain it, like compromise your values and requirements that are essential for a healthy relationship, but in reality, you're really trying to accept yourself - for who you are -you just don't know it yet.

Take a moment, clear some space in your day, sit down and start getting curious about where you might be settling in your life? Does your job's salary not match your talents and dedication? Does your boyfriend play around with other men; you're accepting of it, when deep down inside, it's not ok. Are you putting off starting your own business, because you think it's just a pipe dream and you'll never do it for whatever reason?

5 Clues To Why You Are Settling

Now it's time to take a stance, and tell yourself that you are done settling; all done. I believe in you. Well, let me give you 5 Clues to Why You're Settling. Love is a gift, a gift we all hold, and once you can let go of the settling, you will then be able to unleash your love and be loved in return.

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