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female - 29 years, tn n ga, United States
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HELLO GUYZ! WE WILL Talk to aNYONE IN FAcebox. but if your over 18 plz dont ASK FOR MSN. Ya wont get it lol.. we dont plaY Games so dont bother tryin! we just now got these new pics aND WE Are putting them bACK IN HERE BUT WE ONLY LIKE GUYZ OUR Age thAT IS 18 OR UNDER ON Cam only.. AND WE WILL NEVER JUDGE YOU FOR anything.. nothing but sweetness here? well unless you piss us off then we cAN BE BITCHES. And we reaLLY Hate to be thAT Way thaTS NOT WHY WE Are here so dont mAKE US WE WILL JUST BLOCK Ya here or msn or yAHOO I MEAn we do haVE MORE BLOCKED and ignored thaN WE DO FRIENDS! THX GUYZ SHERRY 17 N JULIE 16 IN GEORGIA,USA

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