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Thank you for reading my profile, I am a man who's nice, optimistic, bright, self-confident, honest, docile, good-hearted. I like to cook a meal at home for the one I love, i love giving to the helpless, needy and the orphans, i love doing charity work. I always imagine to have a romantic love and expect someone to love me, protect me nearby. I like ocean, the top of the sandy beach, in morning I can hears the sound of the wave quietly, seeing sunrise and sunset. I also like music, dancing, peaceful life. I hope to find a girl who can keep company with me till the end of life, Fate is unpredictable, but I want to walk to faraway places with you together.

I am looking for someone who is ready in developing a Serious Relationship. You don’t Have to Be rich, but we have to Attract and Love each other. In my mind, a Good Relationship based on mutual understanding, Open communication, and same life goal. I am looking for a person who is honor,humorous, Friendly, …

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Madison Gilbert
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Civil engineer (Retired)
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uta pls add this emails gilbertson202@yahoo.com

posted by gilbertson62
3 February 2011

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