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  • Appease Shani Deva by reciting Shani Stotram, says Ganesha

    The 'Shani stotra' was sung by King Dashratha to appease Shani Deva. It is said that the effects of Shani's Sade saati or dhaiyas is nullified (or reduced considerably) if one recites this stotra with full faith in Shani Deva.


    Take some water in the right hand and recite the following mantra. Then leave it aside, and after the recitation of the stotra, pour this water into potted plants.
    Om asya shree shani stotra mantrasya Kashyap rishi strishtupchhandah souridevta,
    Sham beejam, nih shakti Krishna varnoti keelkam, dharmaarth kaam- mokshaatmka chaturvid- purushaarth siddhyarth jape viniyoge.


    Sit cross legged (padmasana) and touch the fingers as written below and recite the mantra for the respective fingers.


    Shanaishcharaay angushtabhyaam namah ???? touch the thumbs with the index fingers of the same hand.

    Mandgataye tarjaneebhyaam namah ???? touch the index fingers with the thumbs of the same hand.

    Adhokshajaaye madhyamabhyaam namah ???? touch the middle fingers with the thumbs of the same hand.

    Krishnangaaye anaamikabhyam namah ???? touch the ring fingers with the thumbs of the same hand.

    Shushkodaraaye kanishthikaabhyaam namah ???? touch the little fingers with the thumbs of the same hand.

    Chhayatmajaaye kartal-kar-prishthaabhyaam namah -- touch one hand with the other.



    Shanaishcharaay hridyaaye namah???? symbolic touching of the heart with the right hand.

    Mandgataye shires swaaha -- touching of forehead with the right hand.

    Adhokshajaaye shikhaaye vashatah -- touching of the top of the head with the right hand.

    Krishnangaaye kavachaaye hoom -- touch the right shoulder with left hand and left shoulder with the right hand.

    Shushkodaraaye netraaye vaushat -- touch the eyes with the thumb and ring finger of the right hand.

    Chhayatmajaaye astraaye phat -- rotate your right hand and then clap it with the left hand.


    Neeladhyutim shooldharam kireetinam, grid dhah sthitam traaskaram dhanurdharam;
    Chaturbhujam sooryasutam prashantam vande sadaabheeshtakaram varainyam.


    Pranamya devdevasham sarvagrihanivaranam;
    Shanaishchar prasaadaarth chintyaamaasa paarthiv.

    Om namah krishnay neelaaye shiti-kantha nibhaya cha |
    Namah kalagni-rupaya kritantaaya cha vai namah ||

    Namo nirmaa-sa-dehaya deergha-sham shru-jataaya cha |
    Namo vishaal-netraaya shushkodar bhayaakrite ||

    Namah pushkalaagaatraaye sthoolromannaith vain amah |
    Namo deerghaya shushkaaya kaal-dashtram namostute ||

    Namaste kota-raakshaaya dur-nirreekshaay vai namah |
    Namo ghoraya raodraya bheeshannaye kapaaline ||

    Namaste sarva-bhakshaaye valee-mukha namostute |
    Surya-putra namaste stu bhaskare bhaiy-daaye cha ||

    Adho-ddhishte! namaste stu samvartaka! namostu te |
    Namo manda-gate! tubhyam niristra-shaaye namo-stute ||

    Tapasa dagdha-dehaaye nityam yog-rataaye cha |
    Nomo nityam kshudhaar-taaye atrup-taaye cha vai-namah ||

    Gynaan-chakshur namaste- stu kashyap-atmaja-su-nave |
    Tushto dadaasi vai rajyam rushto harasee tat kshannaat ||

    Deva-sura manushya-shcha siddha-vidhya-dharo-ragah |
    Tvayaa vilo-kitah sarve naasham yanti samoola-tah ||

    Prasadam kuru me deva varaarho-o-ha mu-paa-gatah |
    Evam stutstadaa sourirgrriharraajo mahaabala||

    Perform anga nyas and kar nyas again after the jaap is complete. (to be read daily or on Saturdays)

    [url=]Click here to ask a question to our Celebrity Astrologer[/url]
    With Ganesha's Grace,
    Alka Vijh - Celebrity Astrologer
    The GaneshaSpeaks Team

  • Astrology and the awakening of Kundalini

    It is important for us to know the relation between the Planets and various Chakras.

    1. Kundalini - Rahu.
    2. Muladhar Chakra - Venus.
    3. Swadhisthan Chakra - Mars.
    4. Manipur Chakra - Sun.
    5. Anahat (Heart) Chakra - Jupiter.
    6. Vishuddha (Throat) Chakra - Mercury.
    7. Agnya (Third Eye) Chakra - Moon.
    8. Sahastradhar Chakra - Saturn.
    9. Ojas (Samadhi) - Ketu.

    Planetary conditions in Horoscope responsible for Kundalini Awakening: -

    1. Square, Trine, Parivartan, Conjunction or Opposition between Jupiter & Sun, Moon or Rahu.
    2. Square, Trine, Parivartan, Conjunction, Opposition or Aspect of Venus with Jupiter or Saturn.
    3. Jupiter in 8th House, or related with 8th House or more planets in 8th House.
    4. Square, Trine, Parivartan, Conjunction, Opposition or Aspect of Venus with the Lord of 10th House.

    In a Horoscope, if the number of conditions applicable is either one or more, then Kundalini Awakening becomes easier. If Rahu falls in a fiery or airy sign in the Horoscope, it is believed that the person progresses quickly towards the Divine power. One is likely to get some Siddhi too. For getting Diksha from a Satpurush (Saint), it is important to have a favorable Moon & Saturn in transit. Also Jupiter & Venus should not be in conjunction with Sun at the time of Diksha. This is how one can figure out how far he or she is astrologically capable of Addhyaatm (a divine life) & the extent of his or her success.
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    Santosh Deuskar
    Celebrity Astrologer
    The Ganeshaspeaks Team

  • Your favourable and unfavourable days in July 2010

    Your favourable and unfavourable days in July

    The favourable and unfavourable days for a Rashi are prepared on the basis of traditional Vedic astrology, taking into consideration the positions of 'Grahas' and their current movements.

    The list of favourable and unfavourable days given below will help you enhance gains and minimize losses. It will be your guide in choosing the correct days for your important work.

    The dates, which have not been mentioned below are of the neutral days that will give mixed results. The unfavourable days include the 'Chandrastama' days or obstacle days of each Rashi. As far as possible, important work should be avoided on these days.

    Listed below are the favourable and unfavourable days in July 2010 for the 12 Moon Signs (Rashis). Plan your work, travel, shopping, relationship & romance accordingly.

    Aries (Mesh Rashi)

    Favourable Days: 1, 2, 6 to 8, 10, 11, 17 to 20, 26 to 30
    Unfavourable Days: 4, 21, 22, 25
    Taurus (Vrishabh Rashi)

    Favourable Days: 1 to 5, 8, 9, 12 to 14, 19, 21, 22, 28 to 31
    Unfavourable Days: 10, 11, 20, 23 to 25

    Gemini (Mithun Rashi)

    Favourable Days: 3, 5 to 7, 14 to 16, 21, 22, 29 to 31
    Unfavourable Days: 4, 10 to 12, 23 to 27

    Cancer (Karka Rashi)

    Favourable Days: 6 to 9, 12 to 15, 22 to 24
    Unfavourable Days: 1, 2, 18, 26 to 30

    Leo (Simha Rashi)

    Favourable Days: 1, 2, 8 to 12, 14 to 16, 19, 26, 28, 29
    Unfavourable Days: 3 to 5, 20, 27, 30, 31

    Virgo (Kanya Rashi)

    Favourable Days: 1, 2, 10 to 14, 21, 22, 28, 29
    Unfavourable Days: 3 to 7, 16 to 18, 20, 27, 30, 31
    Libra (Tula Rashi)

    Favourable Days: 3 to 7, 13 to 16, 19, 20, 22 to 24, 29
    Unfavourable Days: 8 to 10, 17

    Scorpio (Vrischik Rashi)

    Favourable Days: 6 to 9, 14 to 17, 21, 22, 25 to 27
    Unfavourable Days: 4, 10 to 12, 29
    [url=]Sagittarius (Vrischik Rashi)[/url]

    Favourable Days: 1, 2, 8, 9, 16 to 20, 28 to 30
    Unfavourable Days: 4, 10 to 14, 23 to 25

    Capricorn (Makar Rashi)

    Favourable Days: 1, 3 to 5, 8, 10 to 12, 19 to 22, 26, 27, 29
    Unfavourable Days: 13 to 16, 18, 25
    Aquarius (Kumbh Rashi)

    Favourable Days: 1, 2, 6, 7, 12 to 14, 21 to 25
    Unfavourable Days: 15 to 18, 20, 27

    Pisces (Meena Rashi)

    Favourable Days: 8, 9, 14, 15, 23 to 26
    Unfavourable Days: 3 to 5, 16 to 20, 27

    If you don't know your Moon Sign (Rashi) , take advantage of the service offered by and know it for free.

    Click here to ask a question to our celebrity astrologer.

    Srirangam Ramesh Guru
    Celebrity Astrologer
    The Ganeshaspeaks team.

  • What has Cupid in-store for the new brides?

    All the Rams for whom the wedding bells are soon-to-ring this year will surely gain a lot from their marriage, feels Ganesha. But because Nodes are in square with your sun sign, you may have to fly across seven seas and settle there. This may make you homesick initially. Also, since Saturn's hard transit is likely to happen soon, you may have to face some teething problems at the marital front.
    Bulls may have to fight it out really hard for good compatibility with their partners, if they are getting married this year. Still, you may need a little time to know and understand each other, and make the relationship work. Give it its due! Ganesha advises you to be calm and patient; love and care will act as healing balms to soothe ruffled feathers of your spouse.

    Anything you take up may seem challenging initially, but applying the right formula may soon help you find solutions to any of your problems. Similarly, the initial downpour of responsibilities may create confusion for you. Just follow your instincts and do your duty. Stop being judgemental, and stay away from uncalled for discussions. As Ganesha says, unconditional love sans arguments is the perfect recipe for a happy marriage!

    Life is not a bed of roses, and that's what you realise during the first year of your marriage. You may face some difficulties due to adverse transit of Nodes. Learn to adjust, and let go of petty issues, which may take an ugly turn, if not handled prudently. Don't bog down your beloved with a whirlpool of over-powering emotions. Adjusting as per the now changed domestic environment may take a little time, but will come to you eventually. According to Ganesha, patience is the key to all life's locks.

    As you begin a new chapter of your life this year, you may face some financial problems, initially. However, few years down the line you may realise that it was a blessing in disguise, and you and your spouse have been able to save a good amount of money. Relationships are fragile, and come with an invisible note of 'handle with care', especially when egos are at work. Keep the special surprise element alive in your married life by inviting friends and throwing parties, every now and then.

    It's important for you to know that honeymoon period is meant to be brief. It can't continue forever. Enjoy it while it lasts, but then understand that life will have to be dealt with more seriously. According to Ganesha, you will have to be more organised and plan for the future. Implementing a flexible approach towards new people, and places will make things easier for you. Life can be happier, if you apply the correct formula, which lies in adjustment and compromise.

    Physical and material comforts shall be on the cards, if you are planning to get married this year, predicts Ganesha. Both of you may share a sizzling chemistry in bed. Besides great compatibility, you may even share common ideas like buying a dream house or relocating to a better place, post marriage. Yet, within three years of happy and healthy married life, you may feel a deep need of rejuvenating your love life; this may invite some important decision like extending a family.

    Ganesha advises you to avoid dominating your partner; this may only make a good marriage go bad. Reserve power plays only for the boardrooms! At home, instead, try to understand your spouse's needs and support him. Think twice before taking up anything new. Give a warm welcome to guests or family members; this may improve your equations with the near and dear ones. There may be some delay in childbirth; be patient.

    You may often feel that marriage is a bond, which has nearly cut your wings of freedom. Despite this nagging feeling, you may have a strong emotional and physical bonding with your partner. Soon after the marriage, you may see a new member in your family, playing and babbling in your lap. Great wisdom comes with great experiences, and you may exactly follow this idea to overcome the challenges of life.

    Spending quality time with your partner and heart to heart communication are the vital components of a happy and healthy marriage. They not only nurture this bond, but also give you a serene state of mind. Let your spouse know that you value your relationship, and are happy to spare time for him. It is also important for you to realise that every relation comes with responsibilities, so do not treat it as a burden. According to Ganesha, managing these duties and responsibilities have a joy of their own. Enjoy the lovely transition from being single to married!

    The Water-Bearers will have to act with extra caution, especially while dealing with their partners. Disillusioned and lost is how you may feel sometimes. No two individuals are same, and there are chances of differences. However, it can be sorted out gracefully by speaking up rather than playing the blame game. As Ganesha says, try and put yourself in your partner's shoes to view the situation objectively. Marriages are celebrated as two people come together; let the world know that you are happy to be with each other!

    All you Fishes who are tying the knot this year, may feel that you are sacrificing a lot for your family. At the same time you may also feel that your compromises and adjustments for the sake of the family are going unnoticed. Materialistic needs like gifts and gold are a part of marriage,and you'll be loaded with them, but your emotional demands or needs may remain unfulfilled. Be calm and patient. Try to understand your partner's nature and needs, after which you may find it easier to come to terms with the changes in life.

    With Ganesha's Grace,
    Bhavesh N. Pattni
    The GaneshaSpeaks Team

  • Know how the 5th and the 7th House influence love affairs

    In a Horoscope, the 5th House deals with emotions and the 7th House is concerned with [url=]marriages[/url] . If there is a relation between the 5th and the 7th House or the Lords of 5th and 7th House, the person is emotionally attached or bonded with someone. In this article, I will give few instances of the Yogas, which result in love affairs or emotional bonding between two individuals.

    * If the Lord of the 5th House and the Lord of the 7th House exchange their Houses, it may result in love affair.
    * If the Lord of the 5th and the 7th House are in mutual conjunction or are aspecting each other, it gives rise to a love relationship.
    * Saturn is a natural Karaka of illegitimate relations. If Saturn alone is sitting in the 5th House, it creates a relation between the 5th and the 7th House by its third aspect.
    * If Jupiter being the owner of the 5th House is aspecting the 7th House or being the owner of the 7th House aspecting the 5th House, that too creates a relation between the 5th House and the 7th House which may result in love affair.
    * In case the Lord of the 7th House is placed in the 7th House, a person has a charming and a magnetic personality that attracts many people.

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    Sukhwinder Sharma
    Celebrity astrologer
    The Ganeshaspeaks Team

  • The Useful Lal Kitab by Sukhwinder Sharma

    Lal Kitab is famous primarily because of its remedial measures. Pt. Roop Chand Joshi originally wrote the Lal Kitab in Urdu text in between 1939 and 1952. Details are given below:

    1) Lal Kitab Ke Farman in 1939
    2) Lal Kitab Ke Arman in 1940
    3) Lal Kitab third part in 1941
    4) Lal Kitab Ke Farman in 1942
    5) Lal Kitab in 1952

    Following lines will be found on the front page of every Lal Kitab edition:

    "Beemari Ka bagair dwayee bhi illaz hai" (Diseases can be cured without medicines)
    "Magar maut ka koyee illaz nahin" (But there is no cure for death)
    "Duniyavi hissaab kitab hai" (these are worldly calculations)
    "Koi dawaa e khudai nahin" (not a final verdict from the Almighty)

    Reading or analysing a horoscope is incomplete until one recommends some remedies to minimize the ill effects of evil planets. In the ten years of my experience in Astrology, I have read thousands of horoscopes, recommended Lal Kitab remedies and have been successful in negating the bad influences to a very large extent. There are some astrologers who believe that individuals using remedial measures interfere with their Karma, but I strongly disagree with this school of thought. According to me, Lal Kitab remedies are simple and affordable, and people who cannot afford expensive Gem Stones can benefit from Lal Kitab remedies. A word of caution; just as self medication can be harmful, performing Lal Kitab remedies without the supervision of professional astrologer can be extremely risky. In upcoming articles, I will discuss the effects of different planets in different Houses and remedies to ward off their bad influences.
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    Sukhwinder Sharma
    Celebrity Astrolger
    The Ganeshaspeaks Team

  • Seek Ganesha's advice to give your career a kick start

    If your current job does not satisfy your creative appetite, and you wish to take up your dream job, try asking your stars about it. Astrology provides an in-depth analysis of your aptitude, talents and hidden potential and helps find out which type of[url=]job[/url] /[url=]career[/url] /[url=]business[/url] is best suited for you. For example, for a person who has Mars exalted in his/her chart and where Mars is connected with a career related House, a uniformed service (Army/Navy/Air force/Police/Fire service etc.) is better suited than a marketing job. He/she is a sort of misfit in a marketing position and will have a miserable life; whereas a shift to IPS or Armed forces would see the person transcending career path with promotions and repeatedly so, with accolades all the way.

    Astrology can help you to focus sharply on the type of job/career/business that is an ideal fit for you, thereby making the 'job dissatisfaction' a thing of the past.

    When you feel dissatisfied with your job, you are often tempted to put down your papers and start 'something' of your own. But soon you may realise that doing a business is not your cup of tea, and perhaps you would have done better in your old job. Unfortunately, you cannot go back in time and undo the situation. This is where astrology helps in answering questions such as:

    (i)Am I suitable for doing a job or is it better to have my own business?

    (ii)If it is better to be on a job, which types of jobs are more suitable for me according to my aptitude?

    (iii)If I can be successful in business, which is the business I should take up to become successful?

    Astrology explores the birth chart of a person and discusses what type of a person you may be at your work place. It reveals the kind of work environments that may appeal you, as well as occupations that you may be best suited for based on your skills and innate talents.

    We have a unique approach to interpreting one's birth chart and applying the results to one's vocational aptitudes. In this unique approach, the focus is on the career/business related Houses and planets. Our report will point out various things about you such as how do you interact, how do you work best, how do you apply your energies, what would be the best suited work environment for you, and what cycle do you experience in your work situation today (see sample report in the portal).

    The decision is yours, but don't you think it is worth it to take the help of astrology in shaping your career and business? We, at Ganesha speaks, are all set to take your career graph higher.

    [url=]Click here to ask a question to our celebrity astrologer.[/url]
    Jyothisha Ratna R.Sakuntala
    Celebrity astrologer
    The Ganeshaspeaks Team

  • Mangal Dosha-How Terrible it can be?

    Most people believe that Manglik Dosha is dangerous, but it is far from being a fact. There are 12 Houses in a horoscope and if Mars is in the 1st, 2nd (according to some astrologers of south India), 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th House, then is said to be in Mangal dosha. So out of the 12 Houses, there are 6 Houses wherein the effect of Mars can be negative. Hence, the ratio of Mangliks to non-Mangliks is 50:50 and if you exclude 2nd House, it comes out to be 60:40.

    In reality, Mars is a planet that makes one bold. It also makes the person dominating, aggressive and quarrelsome. And its presence in the 7th House induces quarrels between a husband and wife. It is a planet that over increases the sex drive in a person. All these factors can create a hostile atmosphere in [url=]marital problems[/url] . The notion that a Mangal Dosha in a person's horoscope leads to his/her partner's death is not entirely true. It only happens in a case where Mars is heavily afflicted and there are more than two afflictions to the 7th House.

    According to some astrologers - Mars loses its power after a person crosses 28. And that is the reason why some astrologers ask Mangliks to marry only after that age. But logic says otherwise. Mars will show its effect in its period.

    The best way to reduce the Mars Dosha is to match the horoscopes of both the person and his/her partner. Mars, in the same position, will surely reduce the Dosha but will not nullify it completely.

    In most cases, if the boy and girl are both Mangliks, then the effect of Mangal Dosha is nullified without considering the House which houses Mars in both their horoscopes. But, just the presence of Mangal Dosha in both horoscopes will not reduce the effect of Mangal dosha. Mars should be present in the same House. The effect of Mars is different in different Houses and in different signs.

    Mars, in first House, makes one bold, aggressive and dominating. The person will most likely be short tempered. He will remain tensed more often than not. A tendency to be rash is also seen in such people.

    Mars, in second House, makes one acrimonious. And the condition may worsen when he/she is angry. They also lose out on the social and financial fronts on account of this anomaly. Mars aspects the 8th House from here, so it also affects the family and age of spouse.

    4th House is the House of comforts and happiness. Mars' presence in this House reduces happiness in marital relations as it aspects the 7th House by its 4th aspect. It also disturbs peace and happiness in the person's domestic life. It may make him/her jealous of his/her brothers or sisters, which normally happens due to his/her spouse.

    In the 7th House, Mars' presence is worse than its aspect. Such a person's spouse may suffer from his/her partner's violent streaks. The emotional and sexual needs of the person may also not match his/her partner's. In some cases, it also causes intercaste marriage.

    Mars, in 8th House, indicates a short life of the person's spouse. It will kill the bonhomie between the boy's and girl's families and also disturb the peace between their families. Afflicted Mars also indicates an extravagant partner. 8th House is the House of secrets. Mars, in 8th House, indicates the spouse being secretive. This may trouble their marital relation.

    12th House is the House for losses and carnal pleasures. And a discord in married couples on these points may cripple the harmony in their relation.

    According to some astrologers, exalted Mars or Mars in its own House or a benefic Mars does not produce Mars Dosha but if it does produce the Dosha, Mars will not show its negative effect. Strength of Mars should be considered while observing Mars Dosha.

    As said earlier, Mars' presence in 6 Houses out of 12 causes one to suffer from the negative effect of Mars. Mars will not have the same impact on every person. Moreover, people's belief that Mars Dosha indicates an untimely and accidental death of the partner is not true in every case. This happens only when Mars is afflicted.
    [url=]Perfect horoscope matching[/url] reduces the effect of Mars in life of married couples. It will not entirely nullify the negative effect of Mars but may reduce its effect to some extent. If Venus and Moon are in 2nd House or even one of them is present in the 2nd House, then the effect of Mars reduces to some extent. It is also observed that this does not help every one.

    Aspect of Jupiter on Mars on 7th House has its effect too. Jupiter is planet of wisdom and righteousness. And it may alleviate the pain to a certain extent, that is, the problems exist but they remain hidden within the four walls of house. In case of more than two afflictions, even Jupiter may not prove to be advantageous.

    It is also said that if Saturn and Mars are present in same House in the partner?s horoscope, it reduces the Mars Dosha. But its effect too is less.

    If Rahu and Mars are conjunct and if Mars is the owner of the same House i.e. if Mars is placed inAries or Scorpio Ascendant or if Mars is placed in the signs of Taurus or Cancer in the 7th House. All these combinations reduce the affliction to some extent but do not nullify it.

    Actual reduction of affliction can be done by the matching the horoscopes of boy and girl with respect to the placement of Mars according to Ascendant, Moon and Venus. There are many more factors to be considered while matching the birth charts for marriage.

    The above results are based on the facts which were brought out after conducting research on many birth charts.

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    Celebrity Astrologer
    Alka Vijh
    The GaneshaSpeaks Team

  • Budget 2010 will be progressive yet defensive, feels Ganesha

    Budget 2010 is just around the corner and everyone is hoping to get some relief from inflation, in general, during the Union Budget for 2010 to be presented by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee in the Lok Sabha on 26th February. The common man has a lot to expect from the government in terms of sops and tax cuts. The industry experts are divided over whether our Finance Minister will fulfill the wishes of citizens or not.

    Ganesha predicts Budget 2010 with the help of Vedic Astrology .

    Ganesha anticipates that this year's Budget will boost the floundering economy by focusing on fixing infrastructure, generating rural employment and providing incentives to sick sectors.

    Horoscope of Independent India shows that Sun is in Cancer and transiting Sun is passing through 10th House of Aquarius and is in conjunct with Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury. Here the 10th House also represents the government's natal House.
    Also, as Sun is in the Satatarka constellation in 3rd pad and Satatarka represents Rahu on the day of Budget, Government of India is likely to take a strong stance on petroleum and gas products, silver, lead and steel. This budget is likely to have some bad news for home-makers as price of LPG shoots further up. The hike is a certainty as constellations are not supporting the product. Moreover, the Finance Minister may have to take some harsh decisions on pesticides. Power sector may experience the heavy shocks in the budget; products where atomic and other high maintenance source of energy are utilised may become more expensive. Electronic items like refrigerator and TV are likely to become a little more expensive too. Foreign liquor and beverages may also get dearer.

    India's Natal Moon is posited in Cancer. Moreover, on the Budget day, transiting Moon will be in conjunction with Natal moon in Cancer sign. This conjunction will take place in Pushya constellation in the 2nd pad. Cotton, wheat, turmeric, cable, machinery, chemicals, colors, fat will receive some valuable favour from the FM.

    Natal Mars is posited in the 2nd House of Gemini and transiting Mars is passing through Cancer sign in the 2nd pad of Pushya constellation. Mars is conjunct with natal Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Venus and Sun. This suggests major reforms in the Railway Budget. The changes in prices of products like ghee, honey, computers, radios and jewellery.

    Transiting Mercury and Venus will be in conjunction in the 10th House. Finance Minister may present the Budget keeping the Congress's political agenda in mind. In this situation, Finance Minister may lionize Import-Export, Foreign Trade, National Growth and Rural Advancement. The Supreme Court may be bestowed with more powers. Some relief in Insurance sector is expected. Education will be affordable, but higher education will be pricey.

    Jupiter will be transiting through the 10th House in Aquarius sign and 3rd pad of Satatarka constellation. As Jupiter is Lord of 8th and 11th Houses, Medical Policy, Health Department, Govt Loans, Bonds, Govt Securities may not receive expected benefits. Sandalwood, Gold, Diamond Jewellery and Perfumes may become costly.

    Venus, Lord of the Ascendant and the 6th House of the natal chart of Independent India, will be transiting from 10th House. Therefore, Textile, Butter Milk, Betel Nuts, Liquid Medicine, Land Developers, Liquor will be in focus. During the budget, the Centre may announce new health-related programme, and upgrading of Army, Air-Force, Civil Services, Medical Services and internal security.

    Saturn will transit through Virgo in Utarafalguni constellation. This will inspire our Prime Minister and Finance Minister to take some bold steps to curb inflation and improve GDP. However, despite some progressive steps, they may not get due credit. Saturn will trigger several changes in Grains, Edible Oils, Vegetables, Plastic, Mining Industry and Drug Manufacturing.
    The 5th House represents stock market. After budget, there is likely to be a mood of caution at the bourses.

    Moreover, Transiting Sun will be in 10th House of Independent India's chart. Finance Minister is likely to address Tax Accumulation, Revenue Deficit, Fixed Deposit, Foreign Direct Investment Flow, GDP rate. But all this will not give any respite to the people. The central government's policy to play safe may not work this time.

    India has Natal Mahadasha of Sun - Antardasha is Moon – Pratiantardasha Jupiter. Moreover, India is under the influence of Sun's Mahadasha. Sun is Sukkesh, therefore Tax Collection, Corporate Tax and Agriculture sector may see a tax improvement.

    Let's have a sector-wise look at the budget:

    Information Technology (IT)

    As Transiting Sun is conjunct with Venus, Jupiter and Mercury, the government may have to give importance to the IT sector. The Sun is in Satatarka constellation, which is represented by Rahu, and will be influencing IT sector. Thus, if IT is ignored this time, the sector may suffer a setback. Therefore, IT should have a special mention in the budget. Research and development in the Information Sector may get further boost.

    Very Active, high volatility and fluctuation from 14/04/2010 to 27/05/2010


    Automobile sector is seeing a strong position of Venus and Mercury. So, this time automobile industry may receive some direct benefits. Ganesha also sees some progressive steps from the Finance Minister. Auto sector will rejoice the budget announcements and the industry has a bright future in India.

    Very active, high fluctuation from 22/06/2010 to 13/07/2010


    Sun represent the Pharma Sector. Transiting Sun is going to enter 10th House of Independent India's chart. India has Natal Mahadasha of Sun and Finance Minister will take decisive steps to encourage Pharma Industry, especially in their offshore undertakings, feels Ganesha. But the overall impact of the budget on this sector will be fairly neutral.

    Very Active, high volatility and wide fluctuation from 04/03/2010 to 30/03/2010


    The Finance Minister's briefcase is likely to hold a substantial promise for this sector. Policies determining the quality of material, gradation and consumer protection are likely to be formulated or consolidated.

    Very Active, high volatility and wide fluctuation from 30/09/2010 to 01/11/2010


    Mercury is the planet that rules the banking sector. Transiting Mercury passing through the 10th House has become very strong. Moreover, decisive steps are expected to bring together all government and semi-government banks. The idea of Mega Banking Corporation is likely to get a boost. They can borrow funds at lower rates from international Banks and depositories. However, Mercury posited in the Dhanistha constellation is unrewarding and suggests a possibility of confusion in this sector. Also, Gemini sign is affected by Ketu and Virgo sign is affected by Saturn, so lower trading income and week credit growth will hurt the banking sector.

    Very Active, high volatility and wide fluctuation from 14/06/2010 TO 24/06/2010


    Mars is transiting over natal Moon, Sun, Saturn, Mercury and Venus in the 3rd House. Mars is the lord of 12th House. Mars is transiting through 2nd pad of Pushya constellation and is retrograde. Thus, National Highways, Railways and Airport Authority of India can get a better security system. But, overall they may not be too happy with the budget. Privatisation and modernisation for Metros and Tier – II cities will stay on course. With transiting Ketu afflicting Natal Mars, expect some decisive steps taken by the FM on the country's leading ports.

    Very Active, high volatility and wide fluctuation from 26/05/2010 TO 21/06/2010

    Metal and Steel

    Saturn, the Lord of destiny and industries, will be transiting through the 5th House in India's birth chart. The 5th House represents stock market, investment, production capacity of India. Saturn is passing through 4th pad of Utarafalguni constellation. From astrological point of view, the slow moving Saturn will put pressure on base metal prices.

    Very Active, high volatility and wide fluctuation from 02/05/2010 to 19/05/2010


    Venus represents the Entertainment sector. The conjunction of Venus with Jupiter, Sun, Mercury and Venus pass through the 2nd pad of Purvabhadra. Growth of Radio Stations is likely to continue. Broadcasting Companies may express some concern. But overall, expect announcement of simpler and favourable Tax policies by the FM.

    Very Active, high volatility and wide fluctuation from 09/09/2010 to 08/11/2010


    Mercury represents the Telecom sector. Mercury, the Lord of the 2nd and 5th House, is posited in the 3rd House of India's birth chart.
    The 3rd House represents telecommunication. So in India telecommunication is always going to be a profiting sector. Transiting mercury passes through 10th House of the 3rd pad of Dhanistha constellation. This indicates a lot of unexpected changes in this sector. However, Custom Duty is likely to remain untouched by the central government.

    Very Active, high volatility and wide fluctuation from 25/06/2010 TO 07/10/2010

    Fertilizer, Pesticide, Agriculture

    Rahu is transiting in 8th House of India's natal horoscope. So suicidal rates are likely to increase this year. Although not by much, those dealing with seeds, agro-chemicals and drip-irrigation may get some relief. However, as Rahu dominates the entire horoscope of Independent India this year, pesticides may be the major point of debate in the Parliament.

    Very Active, high volatility and wide fluctuation from 05/08/2010 TO 25/08/2010

    Cement & Real Estate

    Mars is transiting over natal Moon, Sun, Saturn, Mercury, and Venus in 3rd House. Mars is the Lord of 12th House. Mars is transiting through the 2nd pad of Pushya Constellation. Since natal Mars is afflicted by transiting Ketu, there can be a major change in overall expenditure. All in all, the growth story of India Inc will continue. The Finance Minster will play safe.

    Very Active, high volatility and wide fluctuation from 26/05/2010 to 21/06/2010 and 01/11/2010 to 30/12/2010

    Overall, the conjunction of Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter in their transit through the 10th House on the day of the Budget indicates that the finance minister may try and reconsider tax accumulation, revenue deficit, fixed deposit, flow of FDIs, and GDP growth rate. Disinvestment of public sector units is also expected to be on the agenda. He will try to play safe and will make efforts to sustain the existing growth rate. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee will present a progressive budget for the country but will fail to garner appreciation for the same. Ganesha advises investors to trade cautiously in 2010.

    Very Active, high volatility and wide fluctuation. March 9,10, 11, 15 , 22, 23,29

    Sectors that will remain in news 2010: Pharmaceuticals, Petrochemicals, Plastic, Shipping, Infrastructure and Power

    Scrips that will remain in news in 2010: -
    01/03 /2010 to 15/03/2010
    India Infoline
    Edelweiss Cap
    Rel Capital Ven
    Motilal Oswal
    Future Capital
    Geojit BNP
    Network 18
    Nalwa Sons Inv
    Apollo Sindhoor
    Consol Finvest
    Emkay Global
    Indbank Merchan
    Keynote Corp Se

    16/03/2010 to 13/04/2010
    Madras Aluminium
    Century Extr
    India Foils
    Man Aluminum

    14/04 /2010 to 09/05/2010
    Ballarpur Ind
    Tamil Newsprint
    West Coast Pape
    JK Paper
    AP Paper Mills
    Seshasayee Pape
    Rama Newsprint
    Sirpur Paper
    Pudumjee Pulp
    Star Paper
    Shreyans Ind
    Magnum Ventures
    Pudumjee Ind
    Malu Paper
    Ruchira Papers

    10/05/2010 to 20/05/2010
    Titan Industries
    Jain Irrigation
    Guj NRE Coke
    Info Edge
    Dredging Cor
    Thomas Cook
    Gateway Distri
    Tube Investment
    Century Plyboard
    Austral Coke
    Karuturi Global
    Nitin Fire Prot
    Kaveri Seed Co
    Vesuvius India
    V-Guard Ind
    Carol Info
    Greenply Ind
    Webel SL Energy
    LT Foods
    IFGL Refractory
    Vimta Labs
    Aries Agro
    Archidply Indus
    Global Vectra
    AI Champdany
    Champdany Ind
    Atlas Cycles
    Mangalam Timber
    Pochiraju Ind
    Kitply Ind
    Madhav Marbles
    Uniply Ind

    21/05/2010 to 19/06/2010
    Videocon Indust
    Mirc Electronic
    Jindal Photo
    MVL Industries
    Salora Inter
    Indian Hotels
    Jaypee Hotels
    Hotel Leela
    Asian Hotels
    Taj GVK Hotels
    Oriental Hotels
    Advani Hotels
    EIH Assoc Hotel
    Royal Orchid
    Viceroy Hotels
    Bhagwati Banque
    Kamat Hotels
    Hotel Rugby

    20/06/2010 to 28/06/2010
    HCL Info
    Moser Baer
    D-Link (India)
    Spice Mobiles
    TVS Electronics
    Zenith Computer
    ORG Informatics

    29/06/2010 to 06/07/2010
    United Phos
    Tata Chemicals
    Pidilite Ind
    Guj Gas
    Guj Flourochem
    BOC India
    Himadri Chem
    Guj Alkali
    Solar Ind
    Guj Heavy Chem
    SI Group (India
    Aarti Industrie
    Alkali Metals
    Hind Org Chem
    India Glycols
    Gwalior Chem
    Foseco India
    Phillips Carbon
    Navin Fluorine
    Kanoria Chem
    Aditya Birla Ch
    Standard Ind
    Punjab Chemical
    IG Petro
    Thirumalai Chem
    Jayant Agro-Org
    Alkyl Amines
    Balaji Amines
    IFB Agro
    Chemfab Alkalie
    Sree Rayalaseem
    Vinyl Chemicals
    SRHHL Industry

    07/07/2010 to 25/07/2010
    Bata India
    Mirza Intl
    Liberty Shoes
    Crew B.O.S.
    Bhartiya Inter

    26/07/2010 to 11/08/2010
    Apollo Hospital
    Opto Circuits
    Fortis Health
    Lotus Eye Care

    12/08/2010 to 31/08/2010
    Punj Tractors

    01/09/2010 to 18/09/2010
    Bharti Airtel
    Reliance Comm
    Idea Cellular
    Tata Comm
    Spice Comm
    Tulip Telecom
    Nu Tek India
    Goldstone Infra

    19/09/2010 to 26/09/2010
    Rashtriya Chem
    Nat Fert
    Coromandel Fert
    Fert and Chem
    Chambal Fert
    Nagarjuna Fert
    Indo Gulf
    Zuari Inds
    Deepak Fert
    Oswal ChemandFe
    Mangalore Chem
    Madras Fert

    27/09/2010 to 17/10/2010
    Nahar Spinning
    Pioneer Embroi

    18/10/2010 to 24/10/2010
    Crompton Greave
    Havells India
    Techno Electric
    HBL Power
    Bharat Bijlee
    Numeric Powe
    Honda Siel
    Birla Power Sol
    Easun Reyrl
    WS Industries
    IMP Powers
    Indo Asian Fuse
    De Nora India
    Igarashi Motors

    25/10/2010 to 03/11/2010
    Cairn India
    Reliance Natura
    Aban Offshore
    Hind Oil Explor
    Shiv Vani Oil
    Jindal Drilling
    Dolphin Offshor
    Selan Explore

    Breakdowns or breakthroughs, what's with your business in 2010?

    Ganesha's Grace
    Dharmeshh Joshi
    The GaneshaSpeaks Team