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Not to sound too repetitive, or part of a cliche, but in reality I am still lost; trying really hard to find my way through life, although I have made it all the way to 21 years old. I still do not know who I am, what I represent, what I want to be, what I hope I want to be. Sometimes I feel I am a cockroach, trying to be hidden but certainly cannot avoid being seen. Sometimes I would like to think I am a cat preening myself so that everyone can see the sheen of my fur, the sway of my hips, the cunning ability I take on challenges. But maybe I am just a cow: grazing my way through life so that when somebody needs to be satisfied, I am ready to be fed to the masses. FUBAR? Maybe...

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Jan Alistair Villegas
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Manila (Manila)
Political Science (Student)
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a lot...
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