Blog 4

Well as far as blogs go my official blog can be found @ it. It will report my journey to Antarctica and some of the build up to the point of leaving the Warmth of the African Continent for what I call the Gray Havens.

The nick comes from the Lord of the Ring movies, prior to the movies I was in an accident where I lost a part of my left hand ringfinger. Most people don't even notic it even though they know of it. But that is the origin of the nick.

Not just that but I think I have the same courage as little Frodo and a spirit for seeking adventure and to have fun while I am @ it.

  • Moving House Any1

    Yes I could probably help you after tomorrow after I have got some minutes of operating dozers. Earth-moving equipment. But down under which is more down down under it is called life-savers. Crazy thought but it will suffice :)

  • The Light Illuminates

    Yes my inner child wants to come forward towards the light, the Grey Havens are beckoning and my excitement can no longer be contained.

    A brilliant part of my life is about to begin and I guess from here onwards things could only get better...

    ... though I have been found to be wrong with assumptions, and everyone knows assumption is the mother of all muck ups. But for the moment I could care less only more.

  • 40 days

    40 days... Calls for a party.... reason why 40 day is the time before I depart for Antarctica.

  • Count down : 45 days

    In 45 days my voyage to the grey havens starts. And I will leave the warm weather of South Africa behind me as I sail South to land more down under than Australia.