Blog 2

  • Political Menace of Kenya

    If wisdom is anything to go buy, then many politicians in Kenya, are still far from it, how can who vp write to His excellency to relieve the Justice minister his duty because standing for truth, that those accused of crimes against humanity in ICC are not legible to vie for presidency in this beloved country, based on chapter six of the new constitution. my question now is why should we have a constitution which we cannot respect? secondly, why elect people who cannot respect the law of the land? finally, why did Uhuru kenyatta resign from ministry of finance if he is legible candidate to vie for presidency? quite farcical I tell you. wisdom kenyans, wisdom!!!

  • predominant Husband buttery in central Kenya

    it took me with the great surprise from the media to see a man with slashed face in the name of Husband buttery, I don't how some may look at such situations, but I hope those who were disgusted with it like my case can as well share their opinions. Remember you are entitled to your opinion. it is a backward behaviour which must be condemned in all level of marriage and be treated with the contempt it deserve, let maendeleo ya wanaume kenya pursue this case to its end, that is, that justice be serve to victim.