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Love is a beautiful thing...some people say is the best thing and also the worst that can happen 2 u which is true....to make sure it doesnt become the worst thing....make sure you love with no regrets. when people dump you and you know you did nothing wrong, keep in mind that they just lost their treasure and you dont deserve them at all....
mwa mwa mwa cheers to LOVE.... :) :) :)

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Francine Chadwick
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SENESE Inclusive Education
Finance Officer (Other)
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singing & eating .....hehe
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Engaged to Silivelio Lui Faitaua

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hy darls.. wel fb is blocked so fot to come on hea to kill time..
oka wat happen to yah brada leva le'i koe work...lol..
k hope all is alrite your side..
take care..

posted by perelini
27 October 2011

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$$$$$ aka EVIL...l0Lz

had a another busy day today but yeah we had a program down at Apia Park and we gave out travel allowance to people from Savaii. normally we give out a fixed amount of money to al those from the big island, but far out they almost bit off my head …

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