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Sunday, 24 July 2011 at 16:51

The main reason why your yeast infection keeps coming back is because you're only treating the symptoms of your infection. Your infection will keep on coming back until you start treating the cause of it instead of the symptoms, and thousands of women are in this position at any one time. While you infections are back to back you're not in any way curing them, and all you're doing is making them worse.

You must go to see your doctor

Because you're having trouble curing your infection it's a good idea to go and see your doctor to get your overall health checked out, and get you infection looked at. This is more of a concern if you have self diagnosed your infection, and you don't have a yeast infection. Many women who self diagnose their infection get it wrong and they end up treating another infection with an anti fungal cream. Anti fungal drugs are only to be used on fungal infections. If you have another type of infection then it will just get worse because these drugs only treat yeast infections.

Using these creams will have you believe that you are suffering form a yeast infection because they can alleviate the symptoms of other vaginal infections. The real infection always flares up again once the anti fungal cream has stopped being used. And this leads women into believing that their yeast infection has come back. These creams will also create a fungal infection if you're not suffering from one. These drugs force the Candida to mutate into fungus as it does this to protect itself. If the original infection needs antibiotics to cure it then these will make the fungal infection worse.

Be sure you are in good health

If you know you're definitely suffering from a yeast infection, and it keeps on coming back then you should get your health checked out by your doctor to rule out any underlying health conditions. Something such as diabetes can cause recurrent Candida infections. If you don't have any underlying health conditions that are causing your infection to become recurrent then you need to start treating it from the root cause. At the moment all you are doing is eliminating your symptoms, and then they return once your treatment has stopped.

The only way you're going to cure your infection is with a natural cure. That way the yeast in your body will no longer be able to mutate into fungus. You need to strengthen your body's natural defenses so they protect you just like they have for your whole life.


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