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hi my name is jack iv u dnt no dat im 13 and go 2 hextable comp and well dats it so im off

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jack fordham
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Hey there, i`m Martina and looking around who`s out of my area. Your age seems to fit too. If you like, we can get in touch and meet up for a coffee? You`ll find me at lovershearts net, you can chat with me over there because I will leave this place …

posted by tiadocker
2 February 2013

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do my blog plzzz

Wat is ur name?
Ar we close?
Wat do u tink of me?
am i fit?
Wud u kiss me?
Wud u fuk me?
Describe me in 3 words?
If u ad me 4 30 mins wat wud u do?
Wat was ur first impression on me?
Do u still tink de same?
Wat reminds u of me?
If u cud …

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