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male - 58 years, Schwanau, Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Germany, Germany
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Bluezone Dreams

8 August 2010

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    fluffoid 27 April 2011

    Remember this, if I wanted potential problems, I would have tried asking someone for help. The results of such decisions, or "relying" on anyone, are usually devastating and not even worth speculating upon. My time and what little resources I even have are too precious for me to sacrifice for someone elses visions or dreams. I am without any gainful employ and have no savings. So that alone should now deter you from rattling my garden gate. Thank you!

  • 58

    fluffoid 27 April 2011

    Dear Miss Sandra,

    you must be mistaking me for someone wanting to start a relationship. I wish you all the best in finding a suitable male who will make whatever dreams you have possible. I am not in a situation or willing to even come halfways with anyone. Please have a nice day.

    Warm Greetings,