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male - 58 years, Schwanau, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, Germany
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A few candid photos of myself and those whom I dearly love.
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..Life is unfolding and evolving, the "path" is one in which we adventurously attempt to discover the nature around us and within us.

...Never believe that which is emphatic, which is told or written as dogma or declared as gospel. Question the perceived nature of anything and everything. Deny the seeming "common sense" rationality of the powerful Aristotelian schools of thought, of occidental ethics and the mystical. Soon you will discover that reality serves nothing and no one. We are frail and transitory, goodness is at best described as gentle introspection free of the pressing overzealous and overbearing demands of somatic dominance issues, narcissism and any unruly expectation. Love is liberation of expectation and never tying or binding others to ourselves. Love is forgiving, love is free of harm, love is not bondage, love is not dualism or bipolarity. Love makes friends and sets lovers free. It makes us free to be capable of choosing whatever is suitable or feels right, at the blink of an eye without any dour regret.

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