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  • Disturbances While Returning to Reality

    Don't you find profile photos where the head is cut off simply as a subliminal provocation evoking you as a person to tell the "other" person off?

  • Annoying Admissions


  • Atonement is completely non-present

    It seems as if religion would like to have us believe that we have already been forgiven for the raptor-like behavior all humans suffer from. I for one know of too many people who will never admit that they want to see specific individuals align themselves or vanish from view into death. The environment is ugly, synthetic, as in completely fabricated, and humans are totally superficial, let alone superfluous. I will not miss this ball of dirt where my stay has been turned into a prison cell and delusional wishful thinking becomes a painful solitary friend. I just wish people were a little more discreet in their "keep smiling" forms of ritualized cruelty. Death is an institution that punishes those we love by incuring taxes. The medical system is sanforized by creating the superficial impression that life is holy in the cesspool backdrop of freshwater ruination and rainforest clear-cutting. God bless you all, you ripe and fruitful scum.

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