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OK I admit it foreplay has become two hours of begging.
Are you sick of shopping for ready meals for one! No-one to blame for the bottle of wine you bought tasting like vinegar! Never having to tape the apprentice because you are in every night of the week!
Tired of the “like nothing better than staying in with a DVD & a bottle of wine on the sofa, in front of the fire” line, well so am I! Am also sick of asking “What do I have to give you to get a kiss?” only to be told Chloroform! There must be someone out there who wants someone spontaneous, reliable, slightly crazy, the world’s last romantic & the ability to not take himself seriously. So for DVD’s read bonking in a haystack, for bottle of wine read Champagne & Tequila slammers, & for lying on the sofa, well just use your imagination. Oh and hate messenger and chatting online so one dimensional and impersonal, i believe if you are interested in someone, pick up the phone and talk....

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Hey!! Hope you have a wonderful birthday. . . chat soon. J x x x

posted by Thecalam
28 July 2009

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